Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 35: A Visitor from Beijing!

Claudia was shocked. The director's straight face made her uneasy.

The director kept a cold face as he rushed into the interrogation room and questioned Claudia, "Did you catch Mr. Hal?"

Claudia whispered, "It's me ... I found one kilogram of heroin from Mr. Hal's safe..."

"How dare you!" The director gritted his teeth and was furious. Claudia had never seen the director being so angry!

"Who gives you the authorization? He is Mr. Hal. You even dare to arrest him! You are so arrogant!" The director gritted his teeth and shouted angrily, startling Claudia. Her pretty face turned pale, and she was at a loss...

The director immediately rushed to Hal, took out the key and uncuffed him. He smiled and said, "Mr. Hal, this is a misunderstanding ... a misunderstanding... my subordinates are blind and they have caught the wrong person. Please... forgive them..."

The director was very respectful, even Claudia had never seen the director being like this!

Claudia bit her lips and stood there angrily, feeling aggrieved, and she asked the director to apologize to Hal.

Claudia didn't know that although Beijing put pressure on Ocean City, Hal was too close to the Ocean City government, and the government couldn't wait to work more with Hal ... However, Claudia caught Hal at such a critical moment, which angered the government!

Hal stood up and walked to Claudia. He slowly said, "Do you see that? Some people are born above the law..."

"You!" Claudia clenched her teeth. How could Hal be so dishonorable?!

This was a humiliation to Claudia. As a police officer, Claudia had no way to deal with Hal!

"Claudia, hurry up and apologize to Mr. Hal!" The director ordered sternly.

"I won't!" Claudia raised her head and her eyes were getting wet. When had she ever suffered such a grievance? She clearly did not do anything wrong ... but she had to apologize to an asshole!

"Mr. Hal ... I'm really sorry ... I didn't manage my subordinates well ... it's my fault!" The director turned around and said respectfully.

"No need." Hal waved his hand and looked at Claudia's exquisite and charming face. The smile on his face was very meaningful.

"Claudia ... Interesting... I'll come back..." Hal's expression was subtle, making it impossible for anyone to guess what he was thinking.

Claudia trembled. The look in Hal's eyes just now brought Claudia fear.

"Mr. Hal, Claudia is still young ... Don't care about her..." The director followed Hal and cautiously said.

wouldn't care at all, but Claudia ... her identity was special. Even the government would be afraid of her extraordinary father... so

director was even more puzzled. Hal didn't want to make things difficult for Claudia ... What was he

interesting..." Hal put his hands behind his

arrest him ... This was the first

This kind of person is the most suitable to be a plaything..." Hal slowly said, "I need to buy my

carefully asked,

out of the police

wronged that she wanted to cry. This was the first time she had met someone like Hal, and it even caused her heart to shake ... Could it be

station, a Rolls-Royce suddenly stopped at the police station entrance. A handsome young man was leaning against the car, holding a cigarette in his mouth and fiddling with a golden lighter in his

slightly. He slowed down and looked at the young man. His tone was calm.

at Hal. Suddenly, the

air and flew past Hal's neck. In an instant, a

"Who are you?"

he pointed a gun


up the black token and his eyes narrowed. His face

young man glanced at the director and sneered with disdain. He opened the car door and sat in the Rolls-Royce. In the blink of an

person is too arrogant. I should have

him down, you will be courting death." Hal gripped the token

moment, the phone in

it up. On the phone, a voice sounded exhausted. "Hal, the YH Group

He didn't believe in

cooperated with the YH Group. They said that they would rather go liquidated than get involved with the YH Group ... My friends on the board of directors withdrew their shares one

this possible..." Hal gritted his teeth. He couldn't believe that everything changed from heaven to hell in the blink of

it belongs to Dragon Prison International ... it's related to that person." The sound was hoarse and desperate.

Prison International..." Hal was shocked and petrified.

Hal muttered bitterly

now. We can only count

phone, and his eyes were shining with



Maxwell had returned home

was sitting on the sofa, reading the newspaper with great interest.

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