Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 36: We Were Expelled from the Sandoval Family in Beijing

"Hal?" Harriet's expression changed. Having lived abroad for so many years, she had heard of his name.

As the president of the YH Group, he was young and promising. He even enjoyed great fame in the overseas business world.

Some people said that Hal might even be comparable to a few other business geniuses. It was quite possible that he might become the dominator of overseas business one day.

His father had already retired. If not necessary, he would rarely show up to take care of the company's affairs.

It could be said that Hal was prominent in the business world, and his potential was unimaginable.

Even Harriet was reluctant to make enmity with people like Hal. Her personal development would be hindered if she had a bad relationship with him.

But from Greta's words, she was surprised to know Hal had been caught and put in prison.

Harriet blinked slightly, which made her more charming. She looked at Greta in shock.

In Ocean City, even the higher-ups from the municipal government wouldn't dare to slight him ... How could he be arrested?

How was that possible?

Moreover, judging from Greta's reaction, she got the information that the police didn't want to release him.

Maxwell looked calm. He had long known that Hal would not stay in the police station for too long. However, he had already punished him. As long as he stopped framing Greta, he would be safe.

If Hal still schemed against her ... Thinking of this, Maxwell put on a ferocious look...

"Why was he caught?" Harriet asked doubtfully.

Greta's expression was complicated. She wanted to tell her that after failing to set her up, Hal was found guilty.

However, just as she was about to say something, she stopped on second thought.

"I'm not too sure either," Greta finally explained.

Harriet gave Greta a meaningful look, but in the end, she just nodded without saying anything.

"Ms. Greta, Ms. Harriet, you can watch TV for a while. I'll serve you some fruits." Maxwell smiled flatteringly and hurried to the kitchen.

Harriet looked up at Maxwell and smiled. She gently kicked Greta's calf and said, "You told me that this guy is a slacker. But I think he is quite diligent."

Greta snorted with contempt. Although she had slightly changed her view of Maxwell, she still minded what had happened before.

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are so possessive of him, which is beyond my expectation." Harriet was slightly shocked, and then her

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surprised to find that this juicy apple was cut very thin by Maxwell. The thinnest part of it was even like a cicada's wing. And

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to take a piece of watermelon. While she was eating, a drop of red juice slid down the corner

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little. It was impossible to eat this watermelon every day. It was a new variety developed by the laboratory, and it was now the sweetest one in the world. The value of this watermelon was thousands of times

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getting late. I'll go to bed

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Sandoval family in Beijing indeed had something to do with

into the bedroom on the second floor. After locking herself inside, she looked out of the window at the dark night.

voice came from behind, and it was from Maxwell. It seemed that the locked door couldn't

the Sandoval family

been under great strain. During the day, as the president of the Sandoval Group, she was admired by many people. To live up to their expectations, she had to run deal with the company

at Greta's slightly trembling back, and a hint of tenderness

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he took out his phone and said to the person on the other end of the line. "Help me investigate the origin of the Sandoval family in Beijing. Then

line said in a surprised voice, "Boss, it's so strange. The Sandoval family in Beijing has

grim look ... If that was the case, then why did

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