Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 17: Anger

As Brea was having a talk with herself in the kitchen, Aviana suddenly calls on her, "Brea?", the girl asks startling Brea as she looks back at Aviana with a face of confusion, "H-how long have you've been there?", Brea asks a tint of nervousness lies in here voice, "Just now, I was meaning to ask you if our task for the day is done.", Aviana said in a soft voice, Brea then smiles and nodded, "Yes, you may rest now.", Brea said and the other girl nodded heading to her bedroom.

As soon as Aviana reaches her room, she sat on her bed and stare at the floor, "Brea, how can I change your mind?", she asks herself as she hears what Brea has spits on herself in the kitchen, she sighs before a knock gets her attention, she stood up and opens the door, she bows her head as it was Kenji that appears in front of her door, "B-boss what are you doing here?", she asks in a minimal volume voice, Kenji lift her chin up but she refuse to look at his eyes, "Listen here Aviana.", Kenji started and Aviana gulps as her eyes still wanders around but his eyes, "I don't like waiting, hmm?", he said and smirks confusing the girl on what he meant, Kenji then chuckles at her reaction and move his lips to the girl's ear, "I hate waiting Aviana.", Kenji said before blowing air on her ear and lets her go before returning on his own room in a blink of an eye.

she was so nervous, she makes sure that the door was locked as she don't want to be bothered, "Waiting? Is it because I kept lying about my secrets?", she told her self before she

"I am so irritated!", he shouted before he gets a stake and stake Kenji's dad and directing him to a coffin, "Useless.", he said before his eyes turns in

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