Want You in My Life

Chapter38 Sharon, I Won't Divorce (Part One)

Hiram directly pulled Sharon out of the passenger seat. Because of anger, his face was stiff, and his thin lips were pursed. His whole body was full of displeasure. Sharon didn't understand what the man was doing. He struggled desperately. "What do you want to do, Hiram? Are you out of you mind? Let me go, or I'll expose your naked photos! "

"Haha..." he sneered, "Sharon, at that time, I just made use of your kindness and asked you to treat my legs. Do you really think I care about the photos in your hands? Even if you have my photos, which media dares to post them for you! "

"What... What do you mean? Sharon looked at him in horror, but her voice sounded calm. It turned out that this man was just playing a trick.

"I need a reason to recover, and you are just that reason! Hiram gave her an answer out of kindness, "Do you think you can force me to do that if I don't want to receive treatment by myself? "

Looking at the man in front of her, Sharon felt that he was so terrible and deep. He had hidden his thoughts so deeply. After getting along with him for such a long time, which side of him was the real one? She said, "In that case, at least I am useful to you. Can you let me go for the sake of helping you for three months? "

"If you want to be free, do you think it's possible for you to be with another man? You are mine, no matter you're alive or dead, you can only being to me. Even if I don't want you, I won't allow other men to touch you! So you'd better not mention the divorce again, or I will never let it go so easily next time! Hiram lowered his voice, but there was a strange low voice, like the snow rustling, quietly cold into the bottom of his heart. He looked at her little face with satisfaction, touched her lips with one hand, and gently rubbed them, "You like Colin, right? I tell you, I won't let you get your wish and let you be together! "

With her eyes wide open, Sharon stared at him fiercely. She had always thought that this man was a toothless tiger, but she forgot that even if he had no teeth, it was easy for the tiger to hurt people. "You are a madman! She shouted fiercely.

However, the smile on Hiram's face was weird, but it added a special charm to his handsome face, like a ghost. "Sharon, I'm indeed crazy. I've been crazy since Emma died. From now on, you'd better be obedient and don't go to see the young master of Mu group casually, or I'm not sure what I will do to make him lose his arms and legs! "

think you are? Why do you get involved of my things! Let me tell you, if you dare to do something bad to Colin,

over, and his eyes were dangerous and beautiful. Sharon's eyelashes trembled nervously, but he suddenly sneered and pressed his chin down. His lips fell on her face. With a gentle kiss, his big hand knocked on her struggling

was thin and tight, which made Sharon's heart tremble slightly. Her voice came out of her

he was afraid of disturbing someone, "Sharon, you have been married to the Mo family for three months. I'm afraid you don't know me well. I can do what I say. You'd better be good. I promise Colin can live a comfortable and peaceful life for a few days. If you didn't listen to me, haha..." He wanted to say

few years, my legs are disabled, and I have

Hiram like this. He was dangerous, like a beast, pouncing out at any time and biting off

them into the sea to feed sharks! Hiram said casually, "It's just a trick to lure a snake out of its hole today. That man is still complacent about his own opportunism, but he didn't expect that he

as pale as a piece of paper. How scheming is this man? He has been acting all the time, even till the last moment. So when Emma came in, his abnormality

is like a battlefield. If I don't act, how can I let the other party down! A faint

Sharon feel how terrifying this man was. He was a man of deep understanding, decisive and resolute, and his mind was unpredictable. It was difficult for her to find out his true feelings or falsehood at ordinary times. She was afraid that he has been acting since she married into the Mo family! Huh! She didn't expect that she would marry a disabled person, but this silent disabled person would play with everyone in his hand.

heart was as cold as water. She

divorce. Be good and I'll be good to you! Hiram answered this question with a light and heavy attitude. Looking at the dull pain in her

much that your life is more painful than death? Sharon really didn't understand why he didn't agree to divorce her since he loved Emma so much. Was he going to let

giving him freedom, but he

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