Chapter 73  

Alora’s POV

Watching my very, Alpha wolf, mate step back from his mother’s glare like that had been funny. I had giggled. I imagine Serenity is going to be just like Luna Ember, with her and Darien’s pups. I was happy. I had a mate. And It was the wolf I knew I had always wanted it to be, but I had pushed down, ignored and denied that want. I was already so in love with him.

The Luna keeps me at her side leading me away from my mate. While he is looking at his mother like she’s keeping him from getting what he wanted. And she was, she knew he wanted me at his side. He had been clutching me close. So the Luna was doing this to torment her son. I swear I can almost hear a whine leave him as she takes me away. But it’s only to the kitchen table where a breakfast feast for werewolves was set.

Luckily, the Luna was nice enough to sit me next to her, with the chair on my other side empty for Damien to sit in. The disappointment disappeared from his eyes and he practically dove into his seat next to me. Sending me and the Luna into a fit of giggles. He glares a little sullenly at his mother. This only made her laugh. Alpha Andrew walked in then.

Seeing his own mate, the Luna, laughing he stops and smiles at her, his love for her shining clearly in his eyes. I let out a soft sigh and smile at the couple. Damien leans down and kisses the top of my head. I turn and look up into his eyes, the emotion I see in his gaze can’t be described any other way then love. ‘Is it so hard for me to believe, that I might actually be worthy of love?

He must have seen or felt it, because his eyes while still full of love, had a sad understanding in them now. “I love you Starlight, more then I can ever say.” he says to me in a soft rough whisper. The sound sent a whip of fire hot lust through me. I smile at him, grateful he was here again, back in my life, and now, my mate. 2

“Goddess I’m so in love with you.” I hadn’t realized I had gasped that out till he was kissing me.

“Well now, I’m fairly certain I’ve missed an important development. But judging by the marks on their necks I believe we now know where our son spent the night, instead of in his room.” said Alpha Andrew, I feel my cheeks flame to life as I pull away from Damien to peek up at the Alpha.

He’s smiling, laughter in his eyes. The Luna had her chair up against his, and the Alpha had his arm

out before you walked in.” she tells him.


“Well from what I understand, Damien was in a very big hurry to make it home last night.” he tells the Luna,

stiffens at my side “Oh? And how do you know this dear?” she asks with a

and his Beta got

next to me, I look up at him but he’s not meeting my gaze and there was a dark blush staining his cheeks. I begin

the highway at a hundred and twenty miles an hour.” he


and when they got pulled over, they were apparently so angry, the Werewolves who pulled them over nearly wet their pants.” says

and was chocking. Serenity was laughing and trying to help him by ponding his back. The twins, my Beta and

in such a hurry to get home.”

his cheeks a dark red, and shifts in his seat.” I may have….been

shoulder, he looks down at me, and sees my smile. “Did you already know?” I


told me, the night before I called you.” he tells me, making me gasp. His hand goes up to my cheek, “I’ve always loved you Starlight, now you are my mate, like you were always meant to be.” he tells me, butterflies fill my stomach and my heart melts. If it were possible, i’d be on the floor.


loved you too Damien.” I tell him,

and look up, there they were. The entire family of

of their heat, but it’s not common. Smiling, almost smug, I look at Darien, he looks at me and his smile drops. A look


Darien pales, then turns and starts to sniff his


Luna jumps and squeals in excitement “Oh! I get grandpups soon! Andrew grandpups!

very happy with the turn of

you haven’t had your heat

heat, It’s just not very common, because most mated females are on a form of birth control, or

lesson of female

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