Chapter 28 

“…I don’t know the password. My dad didn’t tell me the password before he passed.” Avery Tate frowned and shook her head.

She hadn’t lied.

It was true that Jack Tate hadn’t told her about the company before his death, let alone his last words related to the password.

There were so many people in the room at that time, if Jack Tate had said it, she couldn’t have been the only one who knew.

“Uncle Locklyn, why don’t I go back and ask my mom!” Avery Tate discussed with the vice president,” When I saw my dad for the last time, he left after saying a couple of words to me. My mom might know a bit more.”

The vice president didn’t doubt it: “Okay. Don’t tell anyone about this. This is a top secret of our company. I’m only telling you because you’re the heir appointed by President Tate.”

Avery Tate glanced at the safe, a very sober voice in her mind reminding her.

They had to tell her about this secret because they couldn’t find someone to open the safe. 1

If they had opened this safe secretly, they would have simply taken the stuff in the safe privately and would never have let her know about it.

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