Chapter 21
It was a long and painful night.

When it was all over, Avery was so tired that she passed out.

The next morning, Elliot showed up at Sterling Group around ten in the morning as usual.

Once he entered his office, Ben walked in.

“I went to Twilight to see you last night, but I didn’t catch you. Did you and Avery Tate leave early?”

Elliot raised his brows and said, “That’s what you’re here to talk about?”

Ben smiled bitterly and placed the file in his hand on Elliot’s desk.

“This is the financial reports for Tate Industries from the past few years. I took some time to look into it. They’re in pretty deep trouble.”

Ben paused, then added, “Their finance director embezzled at least three hundred million dollars. I heard that he was Jack Tate’s brother-in-law.”

Elliot’s eyes twitched slightly.

If what Ben said was true, then developing the new product was not the only reason Tate Industries was facing bankruptcy.

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