Chapter 24 

Elliot frowned.

If he had not seen Avery fill the list with his own eyes, he would have almost believed Cole’s words.

“Avery said that the child is yours, then it’s yours!” The bodyguard scolded. “How dare you do such a thing! It’s not enough to repay even if you have nine lives!”

Cole cried out, “Avery lied! Uncle, the reason I broke up with her was that she wouldn’t let me touch her. I dumped her, and she hated me! She deliberately said that the child in her belly was mine! She wanted revenge on me! Uncle, you must believe me! No matter who the child in her belly belongs to, it can’t be mine!”

Elliot looked at the man lying on the ground with his face filled with fear. His heart suddenly went cold.

This was the man that Avery liked.

This cowardly and spineless man could easily betray her when he encountered problems.

“Drag him out!” Elliot’s voice had no emotion at all. “But don’t kill him.”

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