Chapter 4
“It’s hard to say. If we’re lucky, it would take three to four months. Otherwise, it might take forever,” said the doctor.

She paused, then added, “You’re young, so I’m sure this will go smoothly.”

Time flew by in an instant. An autumn shower later, fall had arrived in Avonsville.

Avery emerged from the bathroom after a shower.

She sat by the bed, took out the new face cream she had bought that day, and massaged it onto her skin.

“Hey, Elliot, do you want me to put some of this on you? The weather has been dry lately,” Avery said as she walked over to Elliot’s side.

She sat on the edge of the bed, then spread the cream on Elliot’s face with her fingers.

Elliot’s eyes suddenly shot open. His eyes were a deep shade of amber, and they shone like gemstones.

The sparkle in his gaze shocked Avery so much that her breathing turned heavy.

It was not unusual for her to see Elliot open his eyes every day, but she was still startled every time it happened.

“Am I rubbing too hard? I’m not using that much pressure, though!” Avery said as she continued to gently massage his face.

the same time, she began to mumble

online that the reason you’ve never had a girlfriend before must be because of your body…

on him,

touch was light and was not enough to get a reaction

Elliot’s reaction made her eyes instantly

she heard

as she sprung off the bed. Her almond-shaped eyes fixed themselves


This time, the

had been stepped on. “Mrs. Cooper, Elliot’s awake! He just spoke!

her heartbeat was irregular, and her

Elliot was awake.

he was awake. Not only were his eyes open,

voice was husky and he spoke slowly, it

her who

mind instantly went

die soon, so she had never thought about what she would do

the bodyguard rushed over upon hearing Avery’s

mansion was filled with people

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