Chapter 7
The computer was not password protected, and it started up in no time.

It was so quick that Avery’s heart skipped a couple of beats.

She took a deep breath, plugged in the USB drive, then logged into her email.

Once she was logged in, she quickly sent the file to her classmate.

It was strange how smoothly everything went.

She managed to successfully send off the file before noon.

Avery did not dare linger another moment in the study. While she was about to shut down the computer, her hand trembled and she accidentally opened up a file.

The file suddenly popped up on the screen, and she stared curiously at the contents with wide eyes.


Avery emerged from the study five minutes later.

Mrs. Cooper let out a sigh of relief and said, “See? Didn’t I tell you that Master Elliot wouldn’t be back anytime soon?”

Avery was a mess of emotions. It felt like she had discovered Elliot’s dark secret.

She should not have used his computer in the first place.

“Are there surveillance cameras in the study, Mrs. Cooper?” Avery asked.

“There’s one outside the study,” replied Mrs. Cooper.

Avery’s face turned pale.

“Then he’s sure to find out that I was in his study.”

“Just tell him about it yourself when he gets back later. You took less than ten minutes. I don’t think he’ll be mad,” consoled Mrs. Cooper.

Avery’s phone beeped, and she pulled it out to see a notification for a wire transfer.

Her classmate banked in three hundred and twenty dollars to her account.

to be that high. It only took her two hours, and

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touched something else. He’s throwing a fit in the study right now!

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when I tried to shut it down, and I accidentally opened it up. I swear, I only took one

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at me just now. I might not even be able to

racing. She was willing to accept her punishment,

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wheelchair-bound Elliot. His expression was dark and terrifying, and there was

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I used your computer without permission. This had nothing to do with Mrs. Cooper. She tried to stop me, but I didn’t listen

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