Chapter 36 

“Madam Avery hasn’t come home yet,” said Mrs. Cooper. “I’ve been waiting in the living room the whole time and I haven’t seen her all night.”

Elliot’s eyes turned dark.

If she did not come home, where could she have gone?

Did she lie to him about coming home to write her thesis?

“I’ll give her a call right now,” Mrs. Cooper said as she rushed toward the living room.

Avery had been abducted the moment she had set foot out of Forrance Villa, and now, she was on the other side of the city.

She had been dragged into a car, blindfolded, and her wrists were bound.

The car drove on for about an hour before coming to a halt.

She was taken into a room and thrown into a chair.

When her blindfold was taken off, she heard the unfamiliar voice of a strange man.

“Apologies, Miss Tate. We’re just doing our jobs. We won’t hurt you as long as you cooperate with us.”

Avery glanced around the white room until her eyes fell on the stranger’s face.

she could not see his features, but his voice

don’t hurt me. However, I won’t do anything illegal even if

weak little lady like you would be able to

hands and connected her

You have to answer my questions truthfully. You won’t get past this test, otherwise. If you lie,

machine, stayed silent for a moment, then nodded

worry, I won’t

then began the test. “What’s your

“Avery Tate.”

your father tell you the code to the safe before


man glanced at the

within the normal parameters, proving that she was telling the

you at Forrance

Avery remained silent.

the man. “Don’t think too much about the questions,

worried you’d get shocked by my answer,” Avery said nonchalantly. “Do you



know Elliot

wouldn’t know who he is? Why are you bringing him up? Was he the one who

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