Chapter 33 

Once Shaun sent the photo to Wanda, he decided to watch over the safe all day in hopes that she might surprise him.

If Wanda could crack the safe’s code, then he could kick Avery out of the picture without giving her a penny.

Wanda called about half an hour later and said, “I can’t think of anything else other than the combinations that you’ve already tried, but I noticed that the date of birth written here for Laura Jensen is the one on her ID. That’s not her real birthdate. Let’s try again with the real one.”

“Alright!” Shaun responded enthusiastically.

Two hours later, they had finally managed to get the safe door open.

Wanda was right. Jack had used Laura’s real date of birth and not the one stated on her ID.

Jack had used a combination of Laura’s and Avery’s birthdates as his passcodes.

The correct passcode and the family portrait in the hidden room matched perfectly together.

homage to Laura

Shaun, and she burst into

went and set such an important code to Laura’s and Avery’s

the safe, his muscles tightened in excitement, and his

not hear Wanda’s cussing

two security levels to

was the passcode, and the second needed

Shaun and the other two technical staff knew of

in the safe’s lock and carefully opened

was met with a

was nothing

face was a picture of


fist on top of the safe as his eyes reddened

cried from the other side of the phone. “Who else could it be but her? She gave you that piece of paper on purpose! She must have used her mother’s correct birthdate

she plan to take everything for herself?”

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