Chapter 35 Avery decided to play along. 

“It’s true. He’s incredibly rich. He’s just old, ugly, and barely hanging on.”

The crowd was scratching their heads trying to figure out who this old, ugly, and unfit bigshot was.

A waiter walked over to Avery and said, “Please proceed to the second floor, Miss Tate.”

Avery instantly looked up.

The building had an open concept, and the second-floor railing could be seen from the living room on the first floor.

Elliot’s bodyguard was standing by the railing and looking down at her.

When the waiter escorted her away, the faces of the people in the crowd changed from one of mockery t o one of awe.

Those in attendance at the banquet were the creme de la creme of high society.

Even the wealthy had their own form of social hierarchy.

That night, the more ordinary members of the upper class were mingling amongst themselves in the banquet hall on the first floor.

more power over society, on the other hand, were invited

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a trick or two up her sleeve! Even if her sugar daddy is some old, ugly geezer, she still hit the

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there were less than ten people in attendance, and all of

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said in a low voice, “Cole will be here, too. Didn’t you secretly meet with him while I was away on business? I invited you here so

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she had not had her dinner yet, so she was in

her knife and fork and began to enjoy

wouldn’t usually fuss over such a small amount of money, but I heard that

him a piece of my mind! He didn’t manage to trick me into investing with him, so he thought he could try his luck with my little girl! It’s disgusting!” “Cole

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