Chapter 10
The living room instantly fell so silent that one could hear the sound of a beating heart.

Avery stormed back to her room and violently slammed the door shut.

The loud bang rumbled through the entire mansion.

This woman dared slam a door in Elliot Foster’s house. She must not fear death.

Everyone turned their gaze to evaluate Elliot’s reaction. He looked calm and composed as if he was not angry at all.

Normally, if anyone were to make a sound louder than 60 decibels in front of him, he would definitely frown.

The sound of Avery’s slamming door was at least 90 decibels, so why was he not upset?

More importantly, the bottle of wine that Avery had smashed was over thirty thousand dollars. They had not even had the chance to drink it yet.

She broke it without even batting an eyelid.

“D*mn, I heard that Miss Tate’s father passed away a few days ago. Seeing as she showed up in black, she must have just returned from the funeral!”

Someone had mustered up the courage to break the silence.

The woman in the white dress was a senior manager at Sterling Group’s PR department, Chelsea Tierney.

It was her birthday, so she had invited a few of Elliot’s friends to the house to also celebrate his recovery.

Her earlier altercation with Avery was a huge blow to her pride.

Chelsea noticed Elliot’s unbothered expression, but she knew him well enough to know that he could blow up at any moment.

She returned to his side and apologized cautiously, “I’m sorry, Elliot. I didn’t know her father had passed away.”

Elliot snuffed out his cigarette in the ashtray. He smoothly picked up his wine glass with his long, slender fingers and downed its contents in one swift gulp.

He placed the empty glass back on the table, then said in a low, sensual voice, “Happy birthday.”

Chelsea’s ears turned red as she responded, “Thank you.”

“Also, Avery Tate isn’t someone you can touch,” Elliot said as he adjusted the collar of his shirt. His voice carried a hint of warning. “Even if she were just a pet in the Foster household, I’m the only one who can push her around.”

Chelsea panicked.

“But you’re about to divorce her, so she would be even less than a pet by then!”

Elliot’s gaze instantly turned ice cold.

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