Chapter 11
Elliot reached his arm out through the car window.

Clipped between his slender fingers was a pack of tissue.

Avery was stunned. She was about to decline but ended up uncharacteristically accepting it.


The warmth of his palm still lingered on the tissues.

Elliot quickly averted his gaze from her face and rolled up the window as the car sped off.

It was ten in the morning at Tate Industries, and all of its employees were working away at their respective stations.

It had been a month since the company had paid wages. However, Tate Industries was an old player in the industry. Even if all kinds of negative news were circulating on the internet, its employees refused to give up until the very last moment.

If she had not known about the company’s many debts, Avery could not imagine that the calm atmosphere in front of her was an illusion.

She entered the meeting room with the company’s vice president, Shaun Locklyn.

The lawyer went straight to the point when he saw Avery and said, “I’m very sorry for your loss, Miss Tate. Your father entrusted me to announce his will, which I will do now.”

Avery nodded lightly.

The lawyer opened up a file and said firmly, “Your father had six pieces of real estate which are respectively located in… Here is the file. Please go through it.”

Avery took the document and examined it thoroughly.

“Your father also had three parking lots,” said the lawyer as he passed another document to her, “as well as eight shop lots, and twelve vehicles.”

Avery knew nothing about the family’s fortune.

First of all, she had no interest in it.

Second of all, her father had never explained it to her.

Now that the lawyer was describing her father’s fortune to her, she could not help but feel a sense of unease.

that her father was this

fixed assets, why did he not sell them and use

right now,” said the lawyer. Then, after a brief pause, he added, “Your father planned to leave the company to you, but the company is currently

the lawyer and said, “By how

your father’s company, you would also inherit his debt. You may have to sell

Avery was stunned.

and twenty-five

all of her father’s assets, it still would not cover a hundred

Avery. That way, your father’s debt would not fall on you,” Shaun said with a sullen expression. “However, I hope you will seriously consider this. This company is your father’s life’s work. Do

and Cassandra?” Avery asked

her fault that the company is in dire straits. She arranged for her brother to join our finance department a few years ago. He embezzled a lot of money from

don’t want to see my father’s company fall either, but where am I supposed

development. If we manage to get a loan, once we launch the new product, we’ll be able to alleviate

a loan from? Who would be able to give me that much?” Avery said as she raised her eyes

Shaun replied. “If the banks won’t give it to you, we can find another investor. We have to try. If we manage, then great. If we don’t, then you can give up.


on the top floor of Sterling Group, the sun was shining


his assistant, Chad

It doesn’t look like they will be returning before the company’s troubles are settled. I think Miss Tate will most likely

asked him for information on Tate Industries, so he figured that

make a bet,

Group’s chief financial officer, Ben Schaffer, was stirring his cup of coffee

to enjoy certain benefits. If she asks Elliot for the money, I’m guessing

“I doubt she

“You didn’t see her last night. She smashed a bottle of wine from 1947 in front of our faces and went up against Chelsea. She might look gentle, but she’s even more feisty than

then. I’ll make a bet


you coffee for a month. If you lose, you have to buy coffee for everyone in the president’s department for



afternoon, Avery called up every major

as simple as Shaun made it

banks, two of which the company still owed money

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