Chapter 25 

“There’s a close friend that I used to know. She needs a nanny to take care of her grandchildren, and the pay is very high. I thought about it. A job is just a job anyway, so I went to try it out. Today is the third day o f work, and everything is fine so far. I can earn a thousand and five hundred a month!”

“Your father is already gone, and he didn’t leave you with any property. I can’t hold you back,” Laura added.

Avery’s tears fell uncontrollably once she heard it.

“A close friend of yours is quite rich, isn’t she?” Her voice was a little hoarse, but now that she started crying, her voice became even hoarser.

“Being a nanny for a friend… it must be tough!”

“It’s not tough! Now as long as I can make money, I’m satisfied. My pride isn’t worth as much! Moreover, the rich will not necessarily stay rich their whole lives. Maybe I’m not as rich as my friend now, but maybe my daughter will make a lot of money in the future.”

Laura took a few tissues and wiped Avery’s tears.

“Mom… you don’t have to go to work. I can do a part-time job. I can work next year…” Avert burst into tears.

“You’re pregnant now, how are you going to work? Avery, if you really want to keep the child, we can’t keep on like this.” Laura frowned and was very puzzled. “Why does Elliot not want this child? It’s his own flesh and blood!”

“He likes another woman.”

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