Chapter 15
The calcium supplements for pregnant women were the same type that the elderly and those that lack calcium take, so it clearly stated “calcium tablets” on the bottle.

“Do you have to tell other people exactly what kind of medication you take?” Avery asked.

Her cheeks were flushed, but her tone was relatively stable.

She hurried off after she said that.

She kept the bottle of pills in a drawer, then washed up in the bathroom.

Things could not go on like this. Everything would be exposed if she did not leave soon.

All of her checkup reports were in the room. Elliot would find out about everything if he decided to check her room.

Of course, reason told her that Elliot might be a little extreme, but he was not actually crazy. He probably would not go as far as to check her room.

Besides, if he did not mention it, she had no way of divorcing him.

Her family accepted the exorbitant betrothal fees from the Foster family after all.

Avery sat on the edge of the bed with her mind in such a frenzy that she forgot about her hunger.

There was a knock on the door shortly after.

She snapped herself back to reality and walked over to open the door.

“Master Elliot’s back in his room, Madam. Come and have something to eat!” Mrs. Coope said with a kind smile.

Avery’s anxiety subsided. At the mansion, aside from Elliot, everyone treated her quite well.

Perhaps they take care of her because of her young age.

When she arrived at the dining room with Mrs. Cooper, there was a hearty spread on the table.

“I can’t eat all of this myself, Mrs. Cooper. You should sit down and join me!”

Mrs. Cooper smiled and said, “Eat however much you can, Madam. We have rules. I can’t overstep.”

“I see…” Avery said, then added, “Do you have children?”

Now that Elliot was not around, Avery felt a lot more relaxed.

“I do! They’re in college now. They’re about your age. Why do you ask, Madam?”

conversation… I heard that your figure changes after giving birth, but you look really

much when I was pregnant. My weight never went over 110

not obvious when you were

actually seven to eight months pregnant. People wouldn’t even notice that I was pregnant when I wore loose-fitting

upon hearing Mrs. Cooper’s

fork and knife down after only

her figure so

you eating anymore, Madam?” Mrs. Cooper asked when she noticed how uncharacteristically little

not that hungry,” Avery answered. “You don’t need to leave me this much food for dinner next time. I


like working out, so it’s better for me to just watch what I

to her room after walking out of the dining room and pulled out the report from her

date last time. She had to go to the hospital for a checkup when

date on the file and

and placed her hand on her belly. She wanted to feel the presence of

her pregnancy, but her appetite

weight lately. Before she ate, her


woke up early the next morning and

day, so it

at two in the afternoon,

her on the shoulder when she

turned her head and saw

“It really is you.”

was exquisite and her hair was

you sick?” she

just here for a routine checkup,” Avery

have much interaction with her, but Chelsea did not plan to let her go

haven’t eaten, right? Let me buy you lunch. It was my bad last time,

“I’m not mad.”

you a little bit.

if turning down her invitation was

have lunch with her

in on an empty stomach, so Avery did

this point, she was so hungry that her ankles were weak and she

a restaurant nearby

a couple of simple vegetable

went even further and ordered two salads, then passed the

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