When Perfect Meets Crazy

Chapter 28: 27 - I’m all for sex

I came out of the Davidson home to find Masked Idiot casually leaning on the hood of my car, looking much like a model at photoshoot. The sunshades and leather jacket worked magic for him

I faltered mid stride, unsure of how to proceed.

Thanks to Parker, I now knew for a fact he wasn’t a criminal. Quite the opposite, a Fed. A criminal, I could handle. A Fed, I wasn’t sure what to do it especially since he couldn’t know I knew. Outing Parker for revealing confidential information was off the table.

I decided to be blasé and quickly sent up a prayer so it wouldn’t come off weird.

“What’s the occasion?” I asked, gesturing to his outfit and pose.

It was a safe neutral conversation starter. So far so good.

“Why, hello to you too,” he drawled sarcastically, straightening to his full height.

I waved it off.

“I’m not entirely sure where etiquette stands on stalkers but it definitely isn’t exchanging greetings like close friends,” I countered, elbowing him out of the way so I could get to the driver side door of the car.

I was really nailing it.

His bike was nowhere in sight. I interpreted it to mean he’d be hitching a ride with me. While I wasn’t in danger of letting it slip that I knew he was a Fed, I still didn’t think spending more time than necessary in his presence was a good idea. In some ways, being a Fed was worse than being a criminal. A criminal, I could easily deny and everyone would believe me. A Fed, not so much. More so now, with my mom still away. If my dad got wind of this...

I shuddered.

“Someone’s grumpy,” he muttered under his breath, crossing over to the passenger side of the car.

“What’s up?” I asked as he settled in the front seat.

Anything to distract myself from the gruesome thought.


“Where are you coming from?” I probed.

“Why do you ask?” distrust coated his tone.

“You’re dressed nicer than usual,” I replied, realizing that the question had probably sounded invasive to him even though I hadn’t meant it to be. I gestured to his outfit, sparing him a cursory glance before returning my gaze to the rear-view mirror as I backed on to the road. “Why?”

“I had a date.”

completely forgotten the fact that he had a girlfriend. I had instantly penned him down as a lone wolf, like Parker the only other actual agent I knew. The idea of a date -much less a girlfriend- seemed preposterous now. It was stupid of me

snuck a glance at his profile. Judging from his expression, it seemed the ‘date’ had gone awry.

the infamous girlfriend, yeah? What was her name

“Tammy,” he supplied.

any Ellies. Why couldn’t he have been dating a girl I knew? It would’ve saved both of us much from

he asked, an awkward

back to the problems at hand and

in my tone and on my face as I roughly cut off a minivan, ignoring the angry honk that came from

your mom’s car is a bad move but she

feel his gaze on my profile and could pretty much hear the ‘it was just a mistake. Why are you

massaging the bridge of

signed off her touching the car. I barely get away with using mine. I mean, she still checks my car to make sure I’m not driving recklessly. But now that

huffed, annoyed disbelief on my face.

I added, in case

slowly, holding his hands up in

and now she pulls this?” I hissed, impatiently honking at the car ahead of me.

wanted to slap some sense -and restraint while I was at it- into Olly. Did she really have

Idiot hummed, trying to avoid any figurative

response to keep me going. I was riled up enough to go on for hours with just the

eyes flashed with barely leashed anger. “And I’m expected

the news. “You definitely have a

committee meeting. Apparently the caterer for the semi-formal cancelled and I have to fix

or even the secretary. My position is purely honorary but I’m supposedly ‘a key member’.” I scoffed. “So I have to be present for important decisions. Never mind that I’m only there to, literally, thwart any efforts to give me an award. I didn’t sign

I finished, my voice was several octaves higher and I was brimming with anger. Ian, fortunately, had enough sense to keep

I slapped down on my horn, aggressively overtaking the sedan in front

this.” He flashed me an encouraging smile. “You’ll breeze in, do your thing and have it all fixed in minutes. I’ve seen you fix problems like they were no more than hiccups at the library all

“I know I can.

afterward.” He scrunched

the time.

I shrugged and slapped on a cheeky smile like it was supposed to be a joke. Like I was fanning the

Really?” He arched a brow, thankfully ignoring the latter

had actually gone over his head. His tone, however, screamed, ‘You’re getting ahead

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