Winner Takes All

Chapter 707 I Could Die for Our Baby!

Her body was slightly shaking.

But Jack Hughes felt clearly by his hands.


Jack gently called her.

At this moment, his face no longer had the indifferences.

Only left with excitement, ecstasy, tenderness, comfort...

If Mr. Ward and Daisy Hill were by the side, they would definitely have a fright.

At this time, Jack was really like being bewitched by something.

Following Jack's gentle calling, Amber Knight's eyelashes shook slightly, and her eyelids trembled, as if she was lifting her eyelids forcefully.

Seeing this, Jack hurriedly lowered his head and wiped away the tears in his eyes.

He couldn't cry.

At least he couldn’t cry in front of her.

As a husband, he had to support Amber.

As parents, after Amber regained consciousness and learned the truth, she could have as much pain as he did, probably even more.

If he didn't wipe away his tears at this time, how could he wipe off the tears for Amber later?


Amber's eyes opened.

She stared at the ceiling empty and dully.

A strong sense of strangeness swept through Amber's heart.

She blurted out, "Is this... hell?"

The voice was very soft, just as a mosquito’s voice.

But Jack still heard clearly.

He hurriedly held Amber's hand with both of his hands, his eyes were red, but he resisted the tears burst out of his eyes. He smiled gently, "Dummy, what are you talking about? It's in the hospital, you're all right."

Amber's eyes gradually regained focus, and slowly turned her head to look at Jack beside her.

she saw Jack's face, her frowning eyebrows finally stretched out, as if she found the backbone, the support, and the harbor

okay, it's all over, and you

smiled softly, his eyes turned red and tears kept rolling in


expression suddenly appeared on

"Baby, baby..."

immediately wanted to touch

by Jack, and she couldn’t get rid of


hand directly threw off the transfusion needle inserted in

didn't have time

bleeding on the back,

a high bulge, but now Amber stroked it away with her hand,

feeling was like a thunder smashed

with redness, then all the tears

was so shocked and

stroked her stomach with her right

Still flat, no bulge.

burst of pain swept through her whole body from the

from her eyes, and in an instant, Amber cried into a

her face was almost distorted

" baby..."

atmosphere was instantly broken

"Jack, baby, our baby..."


gone, we

She was sobbing loudly.

desperately held and firmed her body, suppressing

it's okay, I’m still here. The

by pressing her in this way could he avoid the wound on

whole night surgery, Amber still

baby, Jack, our

hoarse cry echoed in the

she wanted

body and restrained her

heartbroken all the feelings flooded towards

pregnancy for almost ten months could only

baby grew with their

birth. This was absolutely worthwhile for

even knitted clothes for the child even though the price was

was for the moment that the angel arrived

all the expectations were

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