Winner Takes All

Chapter 708 If I Lose You, My Soul Was Buried When I’m Alive

Amber had a heart-piercing wailing, which was extremely heartbreaking.

Jack forced to hold back tears, his mouth with some blood stain trembled slightly, "But I only want you. Even if the whole world collapsed someday, I still want you only."

"The child is gone, but we can have another one. I know I’m very selfish. It shouldn’t come from a soon-to-be father, but if I lose you, my future would be meaningless."

"Without you, it would be like I bury my soul before I am actually died."

If Mr. Ward’s appearance could be called bringing a trace of light into his completely dark world at the beginning and turning the original world into black and white world.

Then Amber’s company with him no matter what was to add color to his black and white world.

All the memories being with her were unforgettable.

Only through the hardships during the beginning of marriage did Jack know clearly about how much Amber loved him.

He did hesitate when he made the decision last night.

Everyone would be hesitated, even for one second, when facing this kind of things.

But after being kicked by Director Lansing, his hesitation disappeared, and only Amber’s face left in his mind.

Without the child, he and Amber would be in pain, they would feel like a knife were piercing their hearts.

But without Amber, Jack was sure that his world would return to black and white again. No, even worse, it would be back in complete dark.

Amber was stunned, but she couldn't stop crying.

It was just the struggle gradually weakened.

She has no strength.

She was extremely weak plus she was in the midst of great compassion, she was gradually losing her strength.

Just a trace of hatred in her eyes while she was looking at Jack.

Jack could see it clearly. That trace of hatred was like a sharp sword which penetrated his heart.

He said, "Please forgive me for being selfish, I did that only because I want you."

Right after he said that.

Amber suddenly raised her head up.


teeth bit on

the pain

groaned but did not resist it. He endured with resolutely eye

could feel her anger

could even feel Amber's teeth rubbing and chewing on his flesh, and he could hear the slight crunch from

better, ok you

heart, closed his

silently accepting this bite was his way to share the

he did not protect his wife and children well, and this bite he took couldn’t even

She was sobbing.

on Jack's shoulder and then she loosen her teeth, started whimpering and sobbing

clearly feel that the pressure on his shoulders reduced

Amber cried even

to hug Amber. He gently

it's my fault, I failed to

your children, but

the child is gone, as long as you stay safe, we can still have another baby. It is my incompetence that lead

was revealing a

tears also quietly burst

in order to spend a whole day with

thought that overtime work caused him and Amber

time, but he was at home, maybe... the scene wouldn’t

even if the assassination happened

protect Amber better

from seeing Katherine

this was just a hypothesis, now the grief was

Amber's cry reverberated in the


the miscarriage, coupled with great sadness, so her body

Amber relied on Jack's shoulder and

strength, she was


gently rubbing on Amber's back, as if he was calming the

eyes were still red and tears still

his entire life tears last night, but Amber's reaction just now caused his dry eyes burst


tore the gloomy sky

The thunder was rolling.

The wind was howling.

heavy rain came crashing

gradually brought coldness, the paddy became yellow from green meant

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