Winner Takes All

Chapter 710 Who Harmed The Bloodline Of The Hughes Family, I Will Destroy His Family!

At this moment, the two men were in unprecedented tacit agreement.

The two men made up their minds.

Above the corridor, killing intent stirred.

As fathers and husbands, if they could still hold back their anger when their daughters and wives suffered such havoc, what kind of men were they?

What kind of men would they be if they were to cower to such a point?

At that moment.

Mr. Ward came out of the ward.

Sensing the killing intent from Jack and Steve, Mr. Ward was frozen.

"Have you made up your mind?"

Jack and Steve looked at Mr. Ward at the same time.

Steve said, "Mr. Ward, do you think this matter still needs to be decided?"

"No need!" Jack echoed coldly, making his whole person look grim and fierce.

"I'm sorry."

Mr. Ward smiled apologetically.

It was true that this matter did not need to be decided.

After encountering something like this, as a man, he had already made up his mind the moment it happened.

What was more, whether it was Jack or Steve, neither of them would flinch or be overcautious and indecisive.

Amber was Jack's weakness, as well as Steve's.

And whoever touched their weaknesses must die!

It was no longer about emotions such as sanity, recklessness, and impulsiveness.

Rather ... instinct!

After a pause, Mr. Ward said, "But I do have one thing to say. Now that Mrs. Hughes is just out of danger, I think you and your lordship should hold back your fury and take care of Mrs. Hughes first."

"Check first!"

Steve looked heartbroken, and said two words through gritted, then went into the ward.

Jack narrowed his eyes and looked at Mr. Ward, "It's very out of place for you to say those words."

Although his character had changed greatly, the creepy coldness that emanated from his body was indeed intimidating.

But being bewitched did not mean that he was in a state of madness at all times.

He still had his sanity and ability to think.

After what had happened, Mr. Ward came out and said such things when he and his father-in-law had jointly made the quickest decision. It was not unwise, but rather redundant.

Mr. Ward smiled oddly, "I just think we have to take this slowly. The Kool Family is too mysterious. You just go in and take care of Mrs. Hughes, and I will report this to His Lordship. If the Kool Family is to be investigated thoroughly, we will have to rely on His Lordship."


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mystery man had sent it, it was better than nothing. Perhaps the only way to calm the young master's mind was to let him

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mystic had said he had a way to help Jack calm his mind, and now a few Buddhist scriptures and a copy of the Tao Te Ching had become the way. It was enough to prove that even the mystic was at his wits' end

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Ward rewrapped the Buddhist scriptures and the Tao Te Ching, and then he took out his cell phone and dialed

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Night fell.

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