Winner Takes All

Chapter 711 Mommy, Can You Hug Me To Sleep Tonight?

The sonorous words were filled with a solid intention to kill.

In an instant, the quiet and peaceful study had a change of atmosphere for the worse.

Patrick was still sitting on the chair but he was trembling by now. His veins were popping, and it could be obviously seen on the corner of his eyes and his neck.

Right now, he seemed to be a volcano that was erupting.

He was furious to the brim!

If there were anyone else around, they would definitely be shocked to their core.

If word got out about this scene, all the affluent families would find it hard to believe too.

The head of the Hughes family was someone who stood at the top of the pyramid while he overlooked all the other beings.

Dominant. Calm. Composed. That was him.

When did he ever lose his composure and broke out in anger?

Patrick was never like this, not even when Jack’s life was at risk, nor when Sophie passed away!

As for this time, he was truly mad.

Not for any other reason, but because that was the Hughes’ blood, the future of the Hughes family, and that was the child of his son!

“Exterminate the whole clan!”

Patrick forced his words out through gritted teeth, “I swear that if the clan is not exterminated, I will kill myself before my wife’s tomb!”

His intention to kill was evident in his words.

Patrick wouldn’t hesitate to do it, even if it meant sacrificing his life.

Mr. Ward who was on the phone also fell into a moment of silence.

He had never faced Patrick’s raging anger before!

Even if he was mentally prepared, it still went beyond his expectation.

“Who the fuck did it?” Patrick roared like a lion that was provoked.

Mr. Ward quickly replied,“Kool family.”

His simple words caused Patrick to freeze amidst his rage.

His eyes widened to the maximum.

Even his murderous aura had disappeared in an instant from the room.

In that instant, the whole study became extremely silent.

It was as if time had stopped for them.

“Old Master…”

“The Young Master and Mr.Knight are already planning to investigate the Kool family thoroughly. Revenge against them is

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his rage from earlier, he was calmer now as he had come back

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“I’ll look into this matter first. Without my orders,

Kool family? Are they

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too complicated. I couldn’t care less

Patrick’s gaze became solemn.


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his lips and laughed amidst his twisted expression, “Lowlifes indeed. If you were to hide yourselves forever, I could let you off the hook. I did not even step in when you hurt Jack. But now, how dare you touch his child? How dare you touch the future of the Hughes family? Do you


A loud sound erupted.

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The night came by.

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Amber gradually calmed down with her parent’s

Daisy took a whole evening to make it. You’ll get your energy back after drinking this.” Amber’s mother held the flask carefully in her

her soul. Her mind seemed to be somewhere else as she shook her head, “I

her daughter with teary eyes. In the end, she put the flask back

at the time and said, “Dad, Mom, the both of you have traveled far and rushed here. You must be

this, Amber’s parents

stay here tonight to look after her. You look tired too. Why don’t

shook his head

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