Winner Takes All

Chapter 712 Jack’s Discipline of Life

“The bad news!”

Jack said without any hesitation.

“Sure, I feel the same too.”

The mysterious person nodded, “Listening to the bad news first so it wouldn’t affect your good mood from the good news, right?”

Jack smiled bitterly, “Do you think anything can affect my mood now?”


The mysterious man shrugged. After a pause, he said, “The bad news is Jenny went back to Kool family.”

“Oh, this doesn’t count as bad news. Regardless of her whereabouts, it won't affect my plan of destroying the Kool family, or the Kool family be crushed in the end.”

Jack said coldly, and his tone was filled with indifference.

The mysterious person widened his eyes and shrugged, “The good news is, the master of the Kool family died.”

As he said, he pointed to the direction of the mountain, “I found his corpse on a tiny road there. His body had already turned cold and he seemed to be in peace. He probably died without any pain.”

Jack raised his brows and looked at the man, “You killed the person and you said that he left peacefully. That sounds weird.”

“I’m guessing that he died in peace because he didn’t reveal anything about you to Jenny.”

The mysterious man rubbed his chin and said suspiciously, “Judging from how Jenny brought Katherine to the house, she probably didn’t know about how Kool family is targeting you. She might not even know about Katherine’s evil intentions.”

Jack frowned as he recalled the few times he had met Jenny.

To Jack, Jenny was an innocent and unique girl. She had quite a careless personality too.

If she had known the truth, then they probably wouldn’t have met.

“That’s true. She probably doesn’t know it.”

Kool family after all. None of them can be innocent

cold and sharp like it could pierce

even made the mysterious person froze for a moment. The chilly aura from Jack was scaring

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through their pain, that’s just being busybody! For this matter about my wife and

a good husband? Can I be a good father? I

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talking, a hint of madness appeared

took a step back subconsciously and

from a more rational point of view, I would still like to advise you. You can fight till the

he was able to light up the cigar, “Kool family is not as simple as you think they are. This is too complicated, and it involves too many parties.


the revenge. Who cares about

voice was like an oath that echoed

that instant, the wind in the autumn night blew stronger, and it was even piercingly

Then, he turned and left, “Oh right, do look at the Tao Te Ching I got Mr. Ward to pass to you. It will help you

stared at his leaving

as he did not receive any Tao Te

Under the dark sky.

dim light shone over

as he stared into the night in the distance. He then muttered, “How

my wife and child. Why should I recite the Tao Te Ching and forget all the

A long while later.

he turned his wheelchair and went

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person wants me to pass this to

He had been hesitating if he should pass the package over to

the mysterious man’s so-called method in the evening, he found it unbelievable. It can do nothing but comfort

a devil in Jack’s heart, so this was


“Yes.” Mr. Ward nodded.

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