Winner Takes All

Chapter 713 No Clue At All

“What can’t you see through?”

Mr. Ward frowned and wondered.

The mysterious man smiled secretively, “Perhaps he himself is the huge variable that makes it impossible for people to see through him.”

After saying that, he turned and left.

Mr. Ward stood there blankly, unable to say anything.

After a long time.

He sighed and returned back to his room.

Inside the bedroom.

The lights were dim.

Jack didn’t sleep. In fact, no matter how tired he was, he couldn’t fall asleep.

He sat on the bed holding a photo album. Inside were photos of Amber during her pregnancy.

There were photos of Amber alone and also pictures of both of them together.

The only thing constant in the photo was that both of them were focused on Amber’s belly.

The baby was the apples of their eyes.

In the nine months of her pregnancy, Jack and Amber were looking forward to the arrival of the little angel.

Gradually, Jack’s eyes brimmed with tears and they dripped down his face non-stop, splashing onto the photos.

“The baby was going to arrive in just a little while. I was going to be a Dad and Amber was going to be a Mom.”

As he longed for that time, chill flashed in his teary eyes, “Kool family, are you ready to be destroyed completely?”

It was not until the early morning that Jack finally closed the album and hid it carefully back in the secret place.

He didn’t want Amber to find the album when she came back home.

It would have definitely made Amber sad and heartbroken.

Amber had suffered a lot from the miscarriage.

He had to be considerate of Amber’s health.

Back on the bed, Jack took out the Tao Te Ching and carefully read through it.

spent a long time in the library

the different kinds of books in

matter if it was documents, records, classics, novels or anything else. It was also during this time that he accumulated a very rich knowledge. It allowed him

many times. The more he read it the

book, when different people read it,

was his understanding of the

Its words were

into his

was caused by flipping trough the photo

being was deeply immersed in the tranquility

for Jack to read Tao Te Ching three

Jack to be able to read Tao Te

bright, Jack closed the book and started his daily

how sad and hurt he was, he never thought about missing the

fight against it

strength or the combined strength of all of his resources and capabilities, the

of his skin covered with sweat was shining in


Jack exhaled and stretched.

body immediately made a cracking

rained upon, and not sleeping for two nights in a row, Jack wasn’t exhausted. Instead, he felt relaxed and refreshed after sweating and his

went to the dining room on

Mr. Ward, Vinna and Daisy were having a

they were

Master, you woke up

didn’t sleep

sleep. Daisy, can you get me some food? I’ll just eat

loneliness on his face could be seen easily

they all went to the LJ


in despair.

wife were also

“Dad, Mom, Amber.”

Jack called softly.

the same time and then they

turning a deaf ear to

and his wife’s expressions fell gloomily at

please help me comfort Amber. Jack, come with us.” Steve sighed as he got up and

Out in the corridor.

mother sat sullenly and desolately on the chair,

what happened last

she just hugged her Mom and cried. After tossing and turning until the midnight, Amber ended up

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