Winner Takes All

Chapter 714 Stopping it with Life, Knowing Without Saying

The uncomfortable penetrating chilliness.

As Jack spoke, the corner of his mouth slowly turned upwards, showing a scary sneer.

His eyes were burning, like a sword piercing people’s hearts.

Steve and Mr. Ward were stunned; their body broke out with gooseflesh.

Steve asked Mr. Ward, “What does Amber’s father-in-law mean? Amber is her daughter-in-law, and the child is his blood grandchild!”

Compared with Jack, Steve who was older seemed calmer.

He did not believe the master of the grand Hughes Family could sit still and be calm when his bloodline was in danger.

He must have some inside story to have such “cringing” request.

Otherwise, for someone as protective as Patrick of Jack, could still be calm at this moment seemed quite unbelievable.

Mr. Ward’s gaze was deep, and he said in a low voice, “Old master did not say much, he only mentioned that Kool Family’s involvement is too deep and complicated.”

“With this sentence, you want to put me on hold?”

Without waiting for Steve to respond, Jack sneered, “He is aware of Kool Family background, but he had never mentioned anything about it. My wife is still in danger now and my child has died, he is a father, and also a grandfather, how could he say such thing asking me to be on hold, don’t you think that is ridiculous?”

Even Steve’s expression had changed and looked extremely dim.

He could calmly guess that Patrick must have other inside story.

But such response from him was perfunctory!

As a father, his daughter had encountered such catastrophe, how could he just put revenge on hold after hearing such response?



Mr. Ward knelt down in front of Jack and Steve then begged, “Master, Master Steve, please calm down and postpone your revenge!”

“Old master knows a lot about Kool Family, he must be considering things from bigger picture, there must be reasons that he can’t tell!”

The sudden scene changed Steve’s expression drastically.

As for Jack, he seemed cold as if his face was covered with thick layer of frost.

“Mr. Ward, are you going to stop me?”

The gloomy chill from Jack’s body could be felt by Mr. Ward, he was by frost and snow and his whole body felt cold.

But his flushing eyes were extremely firm.

Mr. Ward said in deep voice, “I could use my life in exchange for you to postpone your revenge, this is an order from the old master!”



deeply, his gaze was tense and


Mr. Ward continued begging.

revenge I’m going to take for my wife and child, let alone you, even if Patrick comes here himself, it is impossible to stop

did not call him father, but by his name


red as blood,

Upon hearing the words,

expression became gloomy, his lips

at that exact moment, he felt a sense of hesitation as he did not know how to dissuade him.

revenge, and on another side it was Patrick’s order, what could he possibly

that exact moment,

using his life to stop

his wrinkled

asked Steve in surprise, “Father, even you think it

stop him from taking revenge immediately

left him confused


father has

you want him dead in front of us? It is alright to

words turned sharp towards the end, showing determination and

Jack’s eyes flickered.


that his chest was clogged, as if

order to protect the people around him, to be

he grew up, he became stronger, not only did he fail to protect the people around him, but they were always

gone, both of his wife and child were his weakness and they were harmed, but he

So…why did I keep trying to be


the reason why he became stronger at


Ward with red eyes, cried


laughed in a sudden, his laughter filled

this moment, he suddenly felt a great pain

to protect my parents, wife, child and friends. Now that I’m strong, I can’t even protect them, but I have to act like a coward. To put things on hold for a moment? How funny

and I’ll not expect him to help me

if we don’t check through your father, how else can we check

if he was not experienced than Jack, he

decision brought

his power but had found nothing

not rely on

“Dragon Cavalry, Grand Freemasons!”

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