Winner Takes All

Chapter191 Explode!

It felt like a cold wind from the very deep of the dark side.

It startled the Burton family. The old master Burton’s was anxious and irritated, staring closely at Patrick Hughes, and his eyes were dark and cold.

A sense of decadence burst. Even if the head of the Burton family, fighting face-to-face with the Hughes family, yet he was still incomparable.

"Oh!" Patrick Hughes suddenly sneered and turned to look at the helicopter outside and waved his hand. Just in three seconds. There was a loud noise in the turbulent night sky.

A firelight tore the night sky. Boom!

The courtyard wall of the ancient castle of the Burton family collapsed directly as the fire fell on it. Smoke engulfed and a cloud of flame rose.

The firelight and vibration made the Burton family in the hall all frightened. It was really exploded! All the Burton family members terrifically looked at Patrick. Was this guy crazy? This was the mansion of Burton’s!

"Patrick Hughes, do you want to fight? Destroying the Burton's mansion, who do you think the Burton family are?" shouted Dyson Burton in anger.

The old master Burton's canthus kept twitching and looked at Dyson Burton angrily. He wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

"Fight?" Patrick laughed and once again he raised his right hand and dropped. Just at that moment, there was another loud noise, and the fire lighted up the night sky.


This time, the noise was extremely loud. Along with flames and vibrations, another ancient castle wall collapsed suddenly.

heart was beating crazily and stunned. “My dad... is really super fierce!” said Jack in

silent in the hall. Only the thunderbolt roared and fighters hovered in the night sky. All

to act such ridiculously

now they were dragged down by Jack and trampled ruthlessly by Patrick, none of them was able to

Burton who was furious, he was the eldest son of Burton’s, a pure bloodline. Since the glory of the Burton family, he

the scandal spread, there would be no

"Shut up!" the old master Burton shouted angrily, it scared Dyson. The old master Burton had

in a gloomy way, "I just wanted Jack to inherit

was really disgusted by Burtons’ words. He gritted his teeth and was about to refute. "What kind of grandfather are you? Bully my wife, force

fell directly. But this time, it hit an open space in the castle manor, which caused a cloud of flame. The ground shook and the smoke

in the Burton family frightened. "Patrick Hughes! You

If it was someone else who offended the Burton family today, it would be an endless fight. No one shall

master Burton was rational. He knew that even if the Burton family is the richest family in the capital city, it was still incomparable with the

intensify and escalate, Patrick would really

heirs, you had suffered enough at this old age," said Patrick who did not hide the disdain on

when Sophia was dating with you. As you know, we didn’t even know you were the heir of the Hughes family, yet still I agreed on your marriage,” The old master Burton flushed with shame and hurriedly explained. He knew that today's situation

knew that he would not be able to

the hope of the

she was released today, there will be no such opportunities in the future. Let

roared and interrupted the old master Burton's words, "You Burton family regard men superior to women, in Burton family, Sophia has no status and property. The so-called marriage and approval in your mouth is so indifferent. Have you no shame

was following was the firelight tore the night

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