Winner Takes All

Chapter458: Lucky Enough to Survive from Death

"Grandpa, his eyelids moved!"

A surprised voice sounded in his ears.

"Am I not dead? Am I saved? "

Jack gradually revived.

He was so weak that he couldn't even open his eyes.

Severe pain wrapped his whole body, as if being stabbed by countless sharp needles.

But he could hear clearly that the voice belonged to Rena.

Then Carlos's voice rang in his ears.

"Thank God. You are finally out of danger. Don't move. The poison penetrates into your blood, but you are lucky to survive. Remember to have a good rest."

Jack's heart settled down.

He finally escaped.

When facing the killer's katanas, he chose to jump into the sea without hesitation.

He just used the opportunity of falling into the sea to tell Carlos where he was.

Jack would never sat and waited for his doom.

Even if there was only a long shot, he had to fight for it.

Standing in place, he would only be killed by the killer.

But falling into the vast ocean could give Carlos a chance to rescue him. Even if the chance was slim, it was better than being killed by a single blow.

Fortunately... He was right!

"Rena, take good care of Mr. Hughes." Carlos's command sounded in his ears.


Rena was taken aback and said with some dissatisfaction, "Grandpa, I am a woman, and he is a man. It is improper for us to stay alone. Don't you care about your granddaughter?"

"If you are to be innocent, everything will be proper. You always think about all that stuff. What can I do?"

Carlos laughed strangely, "Mr. Hughes is a senior of the Grand Freemasons. It is your honor to take care of him. Those guys are all eager to take care of him. I am doing you a favor by appointing you this job."

Jack laughed in his heart.

Carlos really good at making up excuses.

showing that Carlos had left.

It was quiet again.

Jack felt

followed by

"Can you hear me?"

Jack, "..."

could hear it, but

Why did he make himself so

sighed and said in Jack's ear, "Fortunately, you know to ask us for help. The Grand Freemasons's strength here is well-known. With a call from you, they got

Jack have mixed

forced to join Grand

life was indeed saved by Grand

you back from the gate of hell, grandpa and Mafia Boss used the power of the entire Grand

by your side for seven days.

"Seven days?"

was shocked. In seven

the accident, Amber happened

danger, and he had no time to be distracted. So

chance between him and Amber was

that seven days had passed,

was worried, Rena's voice sounded in

the bed for seven days, let me clean

followed by

on the bed, but there was a bang in

body? !

could this happen?

to touch each

reappeared, getting closer and closer.

and he shouted "No"

could move his lips and say "no" at this time, he would definitely be able to stop

he couldn't talk, and his body was so weak that he couldn't even keep


comfort Jack or herself, "You have been in a coma for seven days. I cleaned your body every day. Even if you’re awake now, don't misunderstand that I have feelings for

just finished

sound of water and rubbing towels.

cold as his clothes

touch slowly swept across his chest.

he still

stop, you


and her moist fingertips lightly stroked his

paused in the middle

leisurely, "After watching it over and over again, this

Jack, "..."

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