Winner Takes All

Chapter460: I must Find him, Dead or Alive

"Go back to the house and I'll tell you."

Tiana said solemnly.

Amber was in a trance, she nodded, got up and was about to move forward.

She had no appetite these days, which made her exhausted physically and mentally. Her footsteps were weak, and she immediately staggered.

Tiana was taken aback and hurriedly stepped forward to help.

"Why are you abusing yourself so much?" Tiana said.

Amber smiled sadly and said nothing.

They went back to the villa.

Steve and Rosie also walked downstairs.

Rosie hurriedly stepped forward to help Amber.

Steve told Tiana to sit down and asked, "Tiana, how is your investigation?"

Whether it was the intelligence power of QY International Group, the Harvey family or Steve's business partners.

Their abilities of investigating this matter was no better than the organization that Tiana worked for.

And the organization Tiana was in was very special. If not in person, Steve would not even be able to ask Tiana about this matter.

Tiana furrowed her brows, sorted out her thoughts, and then said slowly.

"According to the address of the hotel where Jack lived, I secretly investigated all the surveillance of the hotel and nearby streets. After I got the results, I concluded that something was wrong with him."


Steve hurriedly interrupted, "We have investigated the monitoring of the hotel and nearby streets, and there is no abnormality at all."

"Mr. Knight, your investigation indeed told you that nothing abnormal happened."

Tiana unconsciously showed a trace of arrogance, "But the results of my intelligence agency's investigation are completely different from yours."

After a pause, Tiana said in a deep voice, "It was the night Jack hung up Amber's phone. The surveillance of the road outside the hotel and the hotel parking lot was shut down. And the road was closed that night."


Her words were like a big thunder in the living room.


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"I believe you’re clear about that today's technology can modify the video, right? It just needs to modify the monitoring time of a pre-recorded video. With the help of hackers, it shouldn't be difficult,

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Steve fell silent.

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