Winner Takes All

Chapter464: Jack Was Disabled


Jack's words seemed like a bolt from the blue.

Rena was stunned, her beautiful face turned pale.

She opened her beautiful eyes wide and looked at Jack's legs in disbelief.

"My legs, my legs..."

Jack was lying on the bed with a panicked expression, and almost distorted facial features. He wailed desperately, "Why can't I feel my legs? Why can't I move my legs? "

Jack struggled desperately in fear.

At this moment, he wasn't even as he was just now, twisting his body in an almost maddening posture.

But no matter how twisted he was, his legs still didn't move!

The red eyes were filled with panic and crystal tears.

Rena suddenly woke up.

She hurriedly held down Jack, who was struggling desperately, "Calm down and be patient. It's okay, and it's not what you think. Your body has not fully recovered yet. You will hurt yourself with such moves!"

"But I don't feel anymore in my legs."

Tears flowed from the corner of Jack's eyes. He struggled in horror, and ignored Rena's comfort.

Loss of sensation in the legs meant handicapped!

This not only meant that he would have to spend his entire life in a wheelchair, but it would also make him lose his identity as the heir to the Hughes family.

One year later, the Hughes family would choose the head of the family.

But the Hughes family would never tolerate that its next master was disabled!

"It's okay, I believe it will be okay. You have been lying down for so long, and have suffered such a serious injury, which must have an impact on your body. Now your legs are out of sensation, but it must be temporary. As long as you slowly adapt, you will recover."

Rena's face paled, holding Jack desperately, tears already in her beautiful eyes.

"You lied to me!"

Jack looked like a beast, and hissed at Rena.

The roar made Rena completely stunned.

Facing Jack's scarlet eyes, Rena felt fear like never before.

She was terrified, as if by instinct.

over. There

He propped up the bed with both hands, trying hard to sit up.

he fell

crash made Rena wake up.

raised her hand and wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes.

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leaned over, and supported Jack to help

and slammed them with both hands.

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streaming down his face, "Really,

at the tearful Jack.

Rena was terrified and distressed, her heart seemed to be torn apart.

had seen Jack's high and vigorous spirits.

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and painful was Jack at this time?

Next second.

go back and admit my mistakes. I, I want to go back. Amber is asking people to find me, and she must be very worried about me..."

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all his strength, Jack supported the ground with both hands and crawled towards the door little by

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red lips trembled. In silence, two lines of tears flowed down the corners of

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look back, and he was so weak that his voice was as low as a mosquito. But it had an indescribable firmness, echoing clearly in the room.

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