Winner Takes All

Chapter 716 The Runaway Rena

“Rena, this is a family affair.”

Isaac Wells slowly turned his head and looked solemnly at the amazed Rena Yales, “As an elder, I think that your grandpa did well. This thing, at least for now, we really shouldn’t tell Jack.”


Rena was completely shocked and looked at Isaac in disbelief, “What’s the origin of the Kool Family? Why do you and grandpa both scold the dogma?”

After Carlos Juan Yales hung up Jack’s call, the words contained a few information about the Kool Family, but those few words were very superficial, so she didn’t understand at all the reasons from her grandpa’s words.

The Kool Family, a family without any origin, made the two Grand Freemasons’ highest-ranking members both ignore the dogma.

That was ridiculous!

“This is a family who has disappeared for many years or it can be regarded as a wealthy family.”

Isaac slowly spit out a word, with a dignified look, “We won’t tell Jack for now. It’s better to postpone this matter.”

Obviously, he knew as much as Carlos.

He just didn’t tell Rena.

Rena was completely stunned.

At that moment, facing Carlos and Isaac, she suddenly had a sense of collapse.

From childhood to adult age, his grandpa taught him to memorize the dogma of the Grand Freemasons so the Mafia Boss Isaac fulfilled that dogma countless times.

But now, the two of them regarded that so-called unshakable dogma as a family affair, and it was ignored and discarded.

In a daze, Rena murmured, “But it’s related to the blood debt of Jack’s wife and child. Jack is the ancestor of Grand Freemasons’ ‘Juan’ generation.”

“That’s not a reason!”

Isaac’s words were as resolute as those of Carlos.

Rena’s body trembled and she looked at Isaac with teary eyes, “Why?”

“There are not so many whys in the world. In the world of the adults, there are no whys, only pros and cons.”

Isaac said those harsh, cold and unfeeling words with a deep voice.

felt Isaac’s words as a heavy

“I see.”


Then she walked out.

“That family has disappeared for many years and now they have

greater than human lives, then they are not afraid

his beard lightly and said with emotion, “In these troubled times, I hope that my

Isaac looked dignified.

to woo Jack, rope him into the

not be so.”

has to do with that damn family. Despite the blood debt of his wife and child, Jack must

like this, we won’t respect the dogma, and when it comes to family affair, It will be too

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the voice of a member suddenly sounded outside the

is a problem. Rena grabbed the car and went to the


Carlos and Isaac turned pale at the same

“Oh, no! Catch her!”

stomped fiercely and hurried

taking large steps, overtook Carlos and

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that moment, Rena should not

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out of Chinatown, the SH guildhall became

of the old house, Rena pushed out a member from behind a


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shout out those words

if he kept waiting for everybody to return, the Mafia Boss and Mr. Yales would investigate that matter, and he would be considered responsible

but don’t worry, if you are

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and snatched the dagger from Rena’s


directly into his thigh and blood dripped

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more real when I report it. Rena, just go, otherwise you will be

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