Winner Takes All

Chapter 717 Nightmares

As night fell upon them.

Jack carefully fed the soup that Daisy had brought over to them by first blowing gently on the spoon and then bringing the spoon over to Amber’s mouth.

Amber, who looked as if she had lost her soul, was rejecting the food at first.

However after Jack and Steve’s insistence, she chose to try and eat what she was given little by little.

It took a long time, but she eventually finished the whole bowl of soup.

Jack then wiped the corners of Amber’s mouth with a tissue and said with a gentle smile, “You should take a rest now for I need to go and speak to Mr. Ward about something. Then tonight I will ask your parents to go home and I’ll stay here with you for the rest of the evening.”

Amber nodded her head.

Once he said this he then turned his wheelchair around and headed out into the corridor.

Mr. Ward was currently waiting for him on a chair.

When he saw Jack, he got up and said, “Master Hughes, Brent is out of the ICU now, do you want to go and check up on him?”

Jack then looked rather sad.

When he was kidnapped by the Twelve Golden Guards, Brent had fought hard and in the end managed to kill three of the Golden Guards.

This was already very impressive, the Twelve Golden Guard possessed the highest combat skills out of everyone in the Dragon Cavalry!

Zenith had carefully selected them out of the 300,000 soldiers, he was outstanding!

With this in mind, the battle that Brent had fought really should be impossible.

Jack had fought against the Chief Guard Achilles, and since he knew the strength that the Golden Guard possessed, he guessed that the strength of a Chief Guard and Golden Guard must be very close.

So at that moment he was already facing great danger around him when he was up against Achilles.

However Brent was on his own and had to face a group of the Golden Guards.

To be able to survive this fight as Director Lansing said it all relied simply on his unmatched willpower and good luck.

But as he thought about Amber, Jack suppressed his thoughts and said, “Let’s go check up on him tomorrow; Amber is alone in her ward so I’m a little worried about her.”

“Alright.” Mr. Ward nodded his head.

Jack then hurriedly said, “I still feel that things are kind of strange, even after consulting the Dragon Cavalry and Grand Freemasons, there is still no clue regarding the Kool family.”

Mr. Ward looked startled, he then frowned and remained silent.

then said calmly, “You all forced me to put off my revenge,

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