Winner Takes All

Chapter 718 Missing Noble Family

Important news?!

Jack was surprised deep down in heart.

He just asked Grand Freemasons to help investigate the Kool Family.

Rena Yales arrived right after it, did she know the Kool Family?

If it was something else, Jack would never leave Amber alone for a while, but if it was about the Kool family, he must think about it thoroughly.

While he was hesitating.

The phone received a WeChat message again.

"Kool Family!"

The simple two words immediately let Jack make up his mind.

"Honey, what's the matter?"

When Amber saw Jack stunned, she asked worriedly.

"No, it's okay, I'm going out later, Mom and Dad and Daisy will take care of you." Jack squeezed a smile on his face.


Amber seemed a bit upset.

After telling what to do to Steve Knight and Rosie, Jack left the ward with Mr. Ward.

After Jack left.

Daisy and Vinna Vaughn went to take care of Brent and Yael Quinn.

Steve was annoyed, "Amber is still suffering, shouldn’t Jack put her into first priority?"

"Oh, stop being mad at him, ok?" Rosie groaned.

Amber squeezed a weak smile and explained, "Dad, Jack has also been very sad all these days. If it was not a very important thing, he would never leave me alone."


Steve didn’t buy it, what could be more important than his daughter now?

There was no clue about the Kool Family...


Steve was shocked immediately. Could it be a clue about the Kool Family appeared?

Outside LJ Hospital.

Mr. Ward asked, "Master, where are

up a person at the suburban airport," Jack


"Rena Yales."

When Rena was in the other side of the ocean, he knew clearly about

days, he wouldn’t concern it

But now...

the hospital, is

"She came to

the suburban


Ward's expression was

Ward even hoped that Jack would

it may cause Jack to be

heard from Jack that the Dragon Cavalry and Grand Freemasons could not find clues to the Kool family. In fact, Mr. Ward felt happy


for Jack sitting in the back row, his sight also

tied so he could only

did not mean that he could tolerate ignorance of

know who your enemies were, how could you

arrival brought him

Mr. Ward found Rena was walking towards

the car and greeted Rena to get

"Where is your luggage?"

small talks

he started with a somehow weird

in a hurry and had no time for packing. I'll

just catch the next

Rena felt speechless.

could the guy stop

no idea about what

shrugged, "You know, I am not interested in anything other than

and said, "Okay, I also want to visit Amber as well. About the Kool family, let's talk about


Jack nodded in response.

car and drove onto

the Kool family?" Jack

for a while, but

As for more, I couldn’t find anything, so I could only tell you that there

looked at Rena grimly, "You came here to tell me clues that were dispensable and

am mainly worried about

did not

driving, glanced deeply

is a Noble Family, to be precise

missing Noble Family?" Jack frowned

"I haven't found out the details. Anyway, when this Kool family was in its heyday, it was a

Jack nodded.

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