Winner Takes All

Chapter 719 Bloody Angel, Black Hand Arrows

On the airport runway.

Isaac Wells was in a black windbreaker, and it was rustled by the wind.

In the silence, several entourages felt a great pressure swept out and covered them.

The entourages seemed shocked, as if they were imprisoned and unable to move.

"Let's go."

Isaac said in a deep voice, and walked out of the airport first.

The entourages hurriedly followed him, kept quiet out of fear. Everyone noticed the depression from Isaac.

No one noticed the landing of a private jet inside the airport.

It was still busy in the airport lobby, people were all occupied catching their flights.

When Isaac led entourages and got into the airport lobby, his indifferent and determined face still attracted the attention of many people.

But at this time Isaac was all focused on Rena Yales, his pace was so fast that the entourages behind him couldn't keep up.

However, just as Isaac was about to step out of the airport lobby.

His footsteps stopped abruptly.


Isaac’s eyes flashed brilliantly, and his grim face suddenly turned to the exit of the hall. His eye sight locked on a figure in the crowd.

With a serious expression on his face, he quickly followed the figure.

The entourage looked at each other with confusion on their faces.

But immediately they followed up where Isaac was going.

Walking out of the airport lobby.

Isaac led the people to follow closely behind the man, and the man seemed to spot Isaac and the others, but he didn't look back. Instead, he took everyone to a remote corner patiently.

"Hey, old friend, it's nice to see you in this place."

The person in front suddenly turned around and smiled.

He was dressed in a beige coat and a peaked cap. He exuded the elegance of a noble medieval gentleman. The blue eyes seemed could attract everything and his sun-like smile seemed to warm everyone's heart.

He also had an angular face and blond hair.

middle age, but still


stared at the blond man coldly with a

think this is a

At the same time, he reached his right hand into inner pocket of the coat and took out a cigar,

Isaac, he slowly

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scene made the entourage’s

barely hold




light suddenly flashed through the air, and everyone squinted

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held in Arrows’ mouth was cut into two pieces from the middle, a half


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Arrows, had a

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in his hand, "The trash from Bloody Angel, with the smell of blood in your mouth, mixed with the smell of cigar. It is

are you crazy? I'm just

hands putting in his tightly wrapped waistcoat pockets, "You madman, an old friend meets you and greets to you, but you actually try to kill me? My God, this is


me? Even if you say hello. If so, I should be the one who smoke a cigar and spit out the smoke on the face of the leader of

domineering words showed how much he looked


face suddenly changed, and everyone can see the anger burst from his azure blue eyes. He was like

led people to pass Arrows

end, he no longer looked at

Arrows glower at Isaac and he

of the Bloody Angel, he was the upper

was ignored

"Isaac Wells..."

was in ashamed and anger,

about to say


by cold light, suddenly rushed toward

shrank and he felt an unprecedented

one second, he tilted his

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