Winner Takes All

Chapter 722 Night Fell

Night fell.

The darkness made the hustle and bustle of the city all day gradually falling asleep.

LJ hospital still maintained its "life".

A fleet of ambulances with flashing lights and roaring came and went at the gate of the hospital.

The night wind was blowing. The trees in the hospital shook and rustled.

Inside the ward.

It was brightly lit.

Jack watched TV with his arms around Amber.

Steve and his wife also went back, the new ward was larger than the previous one, but only Jack and Amber were the ones there.

"Jack, why did you suddenly change the ward?"

After these two days of rest, Amber's mood was gradually recovering.

In the adult world it was important to learn to accept reality step by step and learn to endure it.

"Nothing special, just thought to change to a bigger one and be more comfortable."

Jack didn't intend to tell Amber about his concerns.

If he couldn't bear even this matter and had to impose it on Amber, then he as her husband was really incompetent.

Not to mention, it was all his self made suspicion, it would cause a feeling of danger for no reason.

With such pressure imposed, he didn't want the now weak Amber to fall into worry with him.

Amber raised her head slightly, raised her gaze, and glanced at Jack.

She muttered, "I don't believe it, but if you don't want to say it, then don't say it."

She knew Jack. If nothing happened, why would he suddenly change the ward?

The stress of changing rooms were detrimental to her health. If everything was fine, Jack would never ignore her health just because he was more comfortable here.

really plan to let Lone Wolf and Lyndall stay outside for the whole night? Lyndall's injury has not fully recovered

"It's okay."

lightly kissed Amber's forehead, and his right index finger gently rubbed Amber's nose, "Little dummy, don't

not just

and Mr. Ward

Wolf and Lyndall outside the

real protection was Mr. Ward

had just entered the general ward,

hope to entrust their safety to Mr. Ward and

said with lingering fear, "The baby always looks for his mother in

Jack's heart hurt severely.

watch TV with me, sleep when you can't hold



Outside the ward.

the corner of his mouth

hesitated, "Is this okay? The

has our VIP ward, who else are you afraid of affecting?" Lyndall said with a deep

changed the room, it made all the VIP

big deal, but if it was just for Amber to recuperate, others

took the cigarette from Lyndall's hand. It was really hard to sit

After lighting the cigarette.

puff of smoke, his dizzy head

another. I feel as if there has

with his

way, how did


Wolf looked solemn and laughed to himself, "In the beginning I just wanted an identity that can be out in

look at Lyndall who was stunned, "Do you think it's

Lyndall nodded.

to deal with the small things. The big people that gather around him,

Lyndall did not refute.

heart he knew, Lone Wolf's

king of LD City, he was "throned"

if Lone Wolf was a fighter in the underground fight club, in his eyes, his strength was

person became Jack's

What good luck!

he was not an ordinary person. He could give me an identity that could be shown, so I went with him. Who knew that Jack could climb higher and higher, and I have been

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