Winner Takes All

Chapter 724 Being Cautious and Planned Well for Every Step!


A large amount of blood flowed out from Daisy Hill’s mouth.

Mr. Ward’s exclaim and reminder made her pale face look shocked.


‘Did it really happen in reality?’

The two heavy blows had almost made Daisy unable to stand up.

In fact, after Arrows punched Daisy’s chest, he didn’t ignore her anymore.

He directly stepped over Daisy’s body and walked towards the ward.

He came here alone. He came here this time to accomplish his goal.

For Arrows, other people were like ants. He didn’t care whether they were alive or dead. He only wanted these people to not stop him from completing his mission.

He walked forward.

Arrows hummed a melody. It could be clearly heard in the empty corridor.

He casually waved his hands following the melody.

He looked willful and relax.

It was like a gentleman from the Middle Ages who danced by following the music.

When he stepped over the nurse who was lying in the blood, he didn’t forget to make a noise with his lips, “Oh my god. God will bless you to be fine. If you die, that means you are not deserved to be blessed by God.”

The disdainful voice was filled with endless cold-bloodedness.

He waved his hands as if he danced and walked towards the ward while humming a melody. His blue eyes looked cold.

“Stop him!”

Mr. Ward was extremely furious. He covered his chest and leaned against the wall to support himself and slowly stand up.

Like Daisy, he didn’t expect the fact that Jack was extremely suspicious as he was afraid that something bad would happen actually turned into reality.

It was such a surprise ambush. Luckily, Jack had moved to another ward earlier so there was some time to delay and stop him.

If he was in the previous ward…

Mr. Ward didn’t dare to think about the final outcome.

Daisy harshly clenched her teeth quickly and supported herself on the chair at the side of the corridor with her hand. She endured the pain and stood up toughly.

However, when she just straightened her body and wanted to stand up.

A sharp pain was suddenly felt from his right shoulder and the pain engulfed her whole body.

The sharp pain made Daisy’s expression change a lot and she made a grunt.

She focused her gaze. It seemed like she vaguely saw a thread that was almost transparent in the air. Under the light, a faint sharp light could be seen on the thread.

“Fish Scale Line?!”

she looked at Mr. Ward who was running towards her. She shouted, “Mr. Ward,


running felt shocked and

reminder, he instinctively stopped

the distance between him and

stop flowing at that

stood still in place. However, a sharp pain was felt

sharp pain immediately made

his neck.

could be seen on

‘This was…’

nervous and shocked. He was shocked as he

some faint blood in the air. An extremely thin silk

the thin silk thread finally condensed into a drop of blood and it

scene had made Mr. Ward feel shocked and

It was so close!

now, he would have instantly

favorite assassination weapon

Ward’s pupils contracted as he suddenly

melody while dancing. In fact, he was using his voice to suppress the noise when he set up the


the sharp pain and shouted

and harshly swung it to the air in front of

At the moment.

and the soft breaking sound of the

After hearing the sound.

look at Daisy and Mr. Ward

actually found out.


cut the Fish Scale Line was

showed a

hands and laughed arrogantly, “I have coated the Fish Scale Line with thorn apple poison. Obviously, you wouldn’t die as you only touched this little amount. However… you

Upon saying that.

and Daisy’s bodies

At the same time.

suddenly appeared and it engulfed

Ward was old, he couldn’t

body became strengthless and he directly fell and sat on the ground. He was unable to

was extremely furious. He used his last strength to shout, “Protect young

Wolf and

Lone Wolf and Lyndall who was sitting in a wheelchair

shouted was not really asking for the two to

was to buy time for Jack Hughes in the

soon as the

at the door of the

had been decided when there was the top team that was formed with Mr. Ward and Daisy fighting

No one was dead!

and Daisy lose their abilities

an impressive and shocking fighting

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