Winner Takes All

Chapter 725 One Stab!

When Arrows laughed at Lyndall Long disdainfully.

The way he looked at Lyndall was like he was looking at an ant.

His eyes looked disdainful.

He was Black Hand Arrows from Bloody Angel who led the punishment sector. He wasn’t only ruthless and cruel, and he also had an extremely strong combat power.

Combat power was the only standard that was used to determine his position in Bloody Angel.

A person who sat in a wheelchair was like an ant or a dead dog for Arrows.

Lyndall was extremely furious.

He sat in his wheelchair while holding the handle of the wheelchair tightly. He looked furious and ferocious at the moment.

He seemed like a raging lion that was glaring at Arrows.

At a place not far away.

Mr. Ward and Daisy Hill who had already lost their ability to move because of the thorn apple poison felt desperate as they looked at Lyndall.

Lone Wolf and Lyndall were the last defense to protect Jack Hughes and Amber Knight.

They didn’t expect two of them could really stop Arrows.

However, Lone Wolf was instantly taken down by Arrows when they just met each other. It was hard to believe that.

Lone Wolf had been taken down.

If the remaining person, Lyndall, was uninjured, he might be able to delay him.

However, for Mr. Ward and Daisy, Lyndall’s combat power who was sitting in a wheelchair was not even comparable to Lone Wolf.

“If I am here, Mr. Hughes is here too!”

Suddenly, the tremendous murderous intention could be seen in Lyndall's eyes. He firmly said the words through the gaps of his teeth.

The next second.

His hands suddenly rolled the wheels of the wheelchair.

The wheelchair immediately moved with an incredible and shocking speed.

“Dead dog!”

Arrows held a cigar in his mouth and his face looked disdainful.

Looking at Lyndall who was rushing towards him, he showed a scornful smile.

The next second.

Arrows moved forward like a fierce beast. He harshly bent his body and directly landed a punch on Lyndall’s chest.

He didn’t dodge.

The punch was not flashy.

a direct strong

who was in a wheelchair, it was the greatest disgrace for himself if


sound was


blocked Arrows’s heavy punch. However, the powerful and strong

immediately gushed out from his

blood. He gently turned his

face could be clearly seen




Arrows felt

made him immediately

‘Moved back!’

on his right wrist. It had immediately made Arrows’s pupils

At the same time.


the former Underground King

flatter or lick somebody’s

his own hands and moved to the top, step by step from

any kind of method

that had been engraved on Lyndall’s bones in the process

the opponent, being injured or spatting blood was nothing


as if the sound of a sharp buzz

a poisonous snake that was hunting for food. His body emitted a frightening, cold

moment, even Arrows was


moment, Arrows shouted like a beast as he looked at the knife that was

his right arm had bulged

that was brutal and powerful harshly wriggled out of Lyndall’s control


still too slow to fall


arm. A

staggered and moved backward

his right arm tightly. He was furious and his eyes were


was a great


a dead dog and he

a dead dog almost killed him in

away looked

No, after Lyndall swung the knife, they had lost control of their facial expressions. Besides being shocked, they were


Ward and Daisy’s

short fight between them

terrifying power and he didn’t make the decision

chance to kill Arrows on the spot

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