Winner Takes All

Chapter 728 To Learn From One’s Opponent

In a rather cold and stern voice.

It was like a melody from hell urging for death.

Arrows was the one who said this.

And when the words came out of his mouth.

Daisy, Mr. Ward and Lyndall’s expressions were all serious.

Only the mysterious man smiled and then shook his head slightly.


Arrows didn’t start the attack immediately, and instead his two blood stained arms suddenly began to shake.

This was because when the fish scale wires had twisted around his arms they had led to his arms to become seriously injured and blood was currently dripping from his wounds.

He had been suppressed by Jack just now.

Not just because of his bad mood, but also because of the injury to his hands.

As his arms began to tremble as if they were two pythons, his muscles then began to relax and tense rhythmically, the blood flowed along his arms, but the speed of the blood dripping was visibly slowing down.

This change.

Surprised Jack slightly.

He was forcing his muscles to limit the blood loss?

Before he had witnessed this just now, he didn’t even think this was possible.

He really couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded as he saw this.

He then started to think how much he would have to train to also be able to control his muscles so at will like this?


Arrows’s arm muscles suddenly tightened and trembled dramatically.

Then out of nowhere, a slight breath was let out.

And a second later.

With no sign of any movement or shout.

Arrows suddenly rushed towards Jack in extreme speed like a death god claiming for life.

“Finally we can have an exciting fight!”

Jack suddenly felt exhilarated and the intense look on his face grew stronger.

he was now in a wheelchair, he had never

receded, his continuous training had allowed him not just to return

the moment for him to see the



pythons that tensed up and rushed towards

rose up his


Their two arms collided.

look massive. as he continued to exert more force, he suddenly displayed an

into place so

the deadlock that they were in didn’t last for

expression suddenly turned sharp, and he then brazenly lowered himself and

showed he was in great pain. He

made no signs of

advantage of this apparent victory

were both natural and smooth, with

both his fists and feet, every trike was firm and decisive, with not even the slightest bit of sloppiness

all in sync which made him move

waved his fists and

had expected, Arrows was now much

situation of the fight was now from Jack’s dominant before to

Bang Bang Bang...

clash of fists

heavy hammer which caused Mr. Ward’s

making everyone’s

was full of action and not at

not a sparring of training that would not

their strike and every attack barely got the opponent

extremely accurate, the interpretation of blood and violence was vivid and it created

state of focusing, his eyes were like a beasts locked onto his prey,

and kicks all mixed up, blocks and attacks switched

a state of total concentration, and the more he attacked him the more ferocious he became and the smoother his

the eyes of Mr. Ward and Daisy, they could see that Jack was becoming slightly more

point of view, Jack was

on the contrary.

they saw how the mysterious man was just sitting calmly between them and lighting a cigarette as if he

but they glanced the

to have predicted

smoke and


Daisy were both surprised to

his voice was only loud enough for them to hear, what

his right hand, the mysterious man leaned back onto his chair and pointed to both Jack and Arrows who were currently

been injured and he is currently using his muscles to control the speed of the blood loss. However the blood loss from his arms is inevitable regardless of him controlling the speed of the blood flow. His aggressive attacks now are only to endure the pain and try to finish the fight

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