Winner Takes All

Chapter 729 The Remarkable Talent

Time seemed to be slowed down at this moment.

Both Mr. Ward and Daisy’s eyes were brightened and profound.

They distinguished it instantly at a glance.

The fighting skills used by Jack on Arrows , were the skills used by Arrows on Jack before.

This also confirmed the speculation of the mysterious man just now.

Right at that moment.

Mr. Ward and Daisy felt numb, they neglected Arrows who flew out, leaving only Jack in their sight.

Compared with Arrows' loss to Jack, what was more shocking was Jack’s fighting skills that he learnt secretly.

That was not one-to-one teaching just now.

It was a real fight between life and death.

It was incredible to learn the enemy’s fighting skills step by step in a life and death battle.

Putting aside his very remarkable talent.

His spirit that could ignore life and death was not something that ordinary people could have.


Arrows fell hard to the ground, his blood surging out like fountain.

Following his fall, the time that was originally seemed to be slowed down finally returned to normal.

Arrows while lying on the floor at this exact moment was in shock, comparing to his serious injury, his heart beat turbulently, and his blue eyes filled with horror and disbelief.

Learning sneakily?

He actually learned my fighting skills in secret?

God, is this a human or monster?

A series of questions appeared in Arrows' mind.


Jack let out a sign and slowly moved his arms; he shook his arms like Arrows before, with his eyes showing realization.

“You’re not using your whole body to control muscles, but depending on the best muscles to push in sequence, just like a sea wave, one pushing another in order to control all the muscles on your arms right?”

The calm voice echoed in the corridor.

The horror and disbelief in Arrows' eyes instantly reached to the extreme.

He looked at Jack.

was fearful at this

it was not a human being standing in front of him, but a

“Looks like it…”

slightly, suddenly stopped

In an instant.

bulging rocks, there was a wave moving in an instant moment at a speed visible to


were squeezed, they

a scream could

was not loud, but it sounded like thunder in

horror, shock…all emotions

and did countless attempts to finally be able

control the muscles of

to be creased, which could increase

he could rely on his muscles to forcibly

improving, it could only be done by accumulating

try to control their muscles after they have

of muscle again and again, advancing step by step.

the limited controllable muscles to push other muscles, even if the effect was far less powerful than the explosive power brought by the control of muscles,


spent more than ten years trying countless times, and used everything

this man in front learn so fast

Damn it!

could you let such demon come

Arrows fell into deep

he was in daze. His sight

Feeling the same shock.

only Mr. Ward, Daisy and

help but

eyes were filled with amazement while looking

talent has no

his voice as low as mosquito, only he could hear

his muscles with his

because of this, he knew how difficult it was to control

learned it only after

copying this difficult muscles controlling method intact just

Such talent was terrifying!


there was a

be hard

was in dead silence, which made the voice

squirmed visibly, like small waves coming

towards Arrows with his proud expression, but his

“Should be like this?”

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