Winner Takes All

Chapter 733: 733 Bear!

It was late at night.

Neither Jack nor the mysterious man was sleepy.

The two were in the corridor, one sitting in a wheelchair, one sitting in the corridor chair, silently smoking cigarettes.

Arrows made Jack unable to use others.

Only Jack and the mysterious man could protect Amber.

They sat in the corridor, smoking, and worried that they would encounter danger in the future.

Smoke swirled around them.

Jack said suddenly, "According to your character, you shouldn’t have provoked Mafia Boss like that just now."

He looked up at the mysterious man.

What that mysterious man sometimes said was really easy to offend others.

But he had a sense of propriety.

Just now, because of Rena, Isaac was very angry and used all his strength to chop Arrows.

Although it was over, but they could tell that Isaac was still angry from his terrible expression.

The mysterious man shouldn’t have said that.

"I did it on purpose."

The mysterious man shook his cigarette and said in a deep voice, "He just looked at your legs. Guess whether he knows you’re not disabled?"

Jack was stunned.

When Isaac stared at his legs, he was stunned and became alert instantly.

"Maybe, he doesn’t know. I just put my legs on the ground, and I was pushed back by Lyndall." Jack said hesitantly.

"I hope so."

The mysterious man nodded and said, "In fact, I said that because I wanted to enrage him, cover up his doubt with anger temporarily. And after he left, he couldn’t see you and his doubt would gradually disappear."

After a pause, he smiled, "Actually, I also wanted to provoke him, fought with him and knew his ability. I haven’t had the desire to fight people for many years."

Jack was speechless.

when bad people did bad things, there must be a lot of bad plans

man’s words also reminded Jack of the

the first time to see Isaac

was really shocked

Isaac seemed to

the mysterious man


mysterious man took out another cigarette, lit the cigarette with the fire of the previous cigarette, took a puff

directly, "I was thinking that did the Kool family send people and helicopters to shoot me in the North? And why did Bloody Angel of the western world suddenly want to kill me? And those killers

curious about that

now, in his mind, only the Kool family

organization. But if the mysterious organization were the Kool family, he would be more confident, even


word instantly made Jack’s heart sink to the

very stunned, "Isn’t it? That is to say, the Kool family, the mysterious organization and Bloody Angel all want

even felt ridiculous when he

Who was he?

hunted by these

a Noble

family, or it didn’t dare to kill him under the pressure of Patrick

Angel was a strong existence that was similar to Grand

was much worse than Grand Freemasons, it didn’t mean it

think too

hand and said calmly, "Be confident. There are more than three forces that


he was struck by lightning,

were more than three forces that

me? Am I so excellent that they

at this moment. He gritted his teeth and

I can’t tell you

responded to Jack with

an impulse to spray blood

anything wrong with his words. He murmured, "Although the members of Bloody Angel are hidden in the dark, we don’t have to be afraid of them. Even if they take revenge on you

mysterious man whispered

of the "Blood Angel" organization was as simple


really hard to solve is the Kool family and

not hiding in the dark, but directly hiding under the mud. We can’t

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