Winner Takes All

Chapter 735 Discharged from the Hospital

Even Jack could not make such a decision.

Although everyone advised him to calm down and make the decision carefully, Amber had helped him to make such a decision.

He did not even dare to imagine how much pain Amber had experienced in the very short time when she heard the conversation between him and Issac and when she made the decision.

Jack felt that the painfulness that Amber experienced should be indescribably suffering.

Amber kept crying for a long time.

When Amber no longer cried so loud, Jack also tried his best to hold back his tears.

He did not want Amber to see him being so coward.

When Steve and Rosie arrived at the hospital and knew the decision made by Amber, Steve even slapped Jack’s face fiercely.

“Jack, are you a man or not? I was really blind to let Amber marry you!”

His voice was extremely loud as he was very angry.

He had already decided to risk everything including all of his wealth to avenge his daughter.

However, Jack, who was Amber’s husband, had changed his mind after a night.

This was undoubtedly unbearable for Steve.

Even Rosie who had always been gentle also displayed a gloomy look when she heard Jack’s decision. She no longer had her usual gentleness.

She said in a deep voice, “Jack, when we first let Amber marry you, we could see that you two were in love and that you could give Amber happiness, but what are you doing now?”

“How many things that made Amber upset have you done after you married Amber? How much pain have you let her suffer? As a husband, don’t you feel bad for doing this? Now, even if you don’t care about Amber, you still have to care about the kid that died young. You are the father of the kid!”

Rosie questioned Jack angrily.

Her body was trembling uncontrollably as she was too angry.

Jack was dumbfounded and his face was pale.

Facing Steve and Rosie who were questioning and scolding him, he lowered his head and did not retort.

He felt that he was wrong.

He had promised Amber to let her happy, but after he married her until now, Amber was hurt many times but yet she had done a lot for him.

simply shameful to let his wife do so many things

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parents who were also looking at her questioningly. The tears rolled down her cheeks and she said ruefully, “I made the decision on my own because we don’t even know how strong the Kool family is. If we take revenge rashly, we would only put Jack

am not scared!”

moment you had the accident, dad vowed to risk all


child. I don’t want to put the life of my parents and husband in danger

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and Rosie both had red eyes as tears streaming down

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put up with their scolding and was not angry

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younger generation so he could not be displeased with the elders, and it was indeed his responsibility for causing Amber’s accident as he

the other side, the time taken for Brent to recover was also very

from the hospital was arranged to be on the same day as Amber by

condition had become stable and he entered the general ward the day before Brent and Jack

wait endlessly for his turn

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believed that Yael would be able to regain his consciousness one

Amber and Brent

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