Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter97: The Girl Is the Best

He was reluctant to wake her up, and wanted her to sleep soundly. Through the moonlight, he could vaguely see the situation in the house.

It was a simple house, an old and outdated layout, the living room was small and dark, he presumed that there wasn’t much sunlight even during the day. Emmett carried Elaine into a room, and heard a tired man’s snoring, Emmett curled his lips and came out. That was Elaine’s father’s room.

Bang! Emmett hissed in a low voice. Gosh, the ceiling of the house was so short that it touched his head! Emmett cursed his unluckiness in secret, bent over, and sent Elaine into the two sister’s room. He could see two beds and the room was a bit messy.

One of the beds had a girl sleeping on it, with her face inward, and her body curled up like a prawn. So, Emmett placed Elaine on the empty bed.

Emmett wandered around the room and felt like laughing when he saw the small and messy room. Haha, what was he doing? He was the second-generation heir of the dignified Tianyi Group and he actually went to the house of a commoner and to look around the layout?

“If it weren’t for you… I will never see a place like this in my life.” Emmett laughed mockingly, and lowered his head to carefully observe Elaine’s unsuspecting sleeping position. Ha, this girl really looks like a baby when she was sound asleep.

Her eyelashes were so long and was curled, her cheeks were pink and tender, and the red and delicate lips were slightly pouted, and was as cute as he wanted. Elaine couldn't be regarded as a very beautiful woman. Compared with the women he had before, she looked normal, but! She was the most unique one! Because, she was fresh enough, confused enough, heartless enough, and cute enough.

“Haha… This sleepy little thing…” Emmett chuckled lightly, and spilled all the fresh heat on her face. He couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and stroked her face very lightly. It felt good as always. Silky and delicate.

Emmett was stunned there, and his eyes were deep. “What should I do with you?” This self-question that doesn’t seemed to exist made Emmett fell into silence again.

“Give it to me… That’s my bun… You dare to snatch… Give me…” Suddenly, Ellie who was on the other bed started sleep talking, and then, her body turned over.

jumped down, subconsciously, from the bedroom window. It was the second floor and it was high to jump down like this. But Emmett leaped in the air, and fell gently on the ground. The action was as if he was a cat, it was graceful and

good martial arts foundation that he could jumped out so lightly. If Elaine’s sister was to realize that, he, a big man, had sneakily entered

with you, I will always be in a messy situation. Looks like mental

smiled, then walked to the car. When Emmett stepped into the car, the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to laugh. While driving,

drunk… Of course, he was pretending, and deliberately acted for Jasper and Lucas to see. It turned out that it was so black-bellied that even Elaine was fooled. Haha,

had initiated to contact Elaine should be blamed on Jasper at best. It seemed that his drama of

past, he would have mocked this as a brain-dead behavior. Once a woman boldly told him, “Emmett, please, bring me

that his eyes didn't blink, and said ruthlessly, “Walk in the park? Is this what a person like me should do?

and proactively did something stupid. Only

threw the car keys to Kayden, and Kayden quickly caught it. He smiled faintly and asked, “Sent her

do?” Emmett was rarely so talkative, and smiled lightly, there was

the Emmett who was like this, fascinated people. Even when a man saw a

didn’t she wake up when she got home? There is such a woman who can sleep? Oh Gosh, this

girl is the best. She slept so soundly along the way, I guess, she will

driving, there’s a fleshy girl lying behind, and as the car

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