Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter98: Trampling on Her Dignity

Looking at Emmett at a loss. “Then, then… then what should I call you?”

Emmett didn’t bother to raise his eyelids and said lazily, “President Smith. Or, Mr. Smith. It’s up to you.”

Boom--- Amelia was struck by Emmett’s word like lightning. She was completely dumbfounded. President Smith? Mr. Smith? Wasn’t this what an outsider would call? Why would Emmett treat her like this? She has already worked really hard to cater to and please him! Why was he still indifferent to herself? Amelia blinked her eyes vigorously to prevent tears from falling down.

“Why? Why do you treat me this way?”

Instead, Emmett seemed to hear a ridiculous thing. He looked at Amelia like he was looking at a madman, and said brightly, “Seriously, I want to know why as well, why did you appear suddenly in my house? Why can you refuse to leave? Why do I have to see people that make me lose my mood when I come home in a good mood? Tell me first, why are there so many whys, before I help you answer all your questions.”

Emmett’s eloquence… was finally brought into play. He was definitely a top-notch expert in negotiation, the main debater of the debate. His quick and theoretical remarks made the smart Amelia stunned as well.

When she understood Emmett’s words that he was annoyed that she refused to leave, Emmett has long since disappeared. Amelia stood alone in the living room, and felt like a clown…trying to please the public…

After a long time, Amelia then sighed and walked to her room, lost.

“Yeah, what am I doing? Why am I working so hard?” Amelia asked herself gently. Frustration was all over her face.

Emmett returned to his room, removed his clothes, and went to the bathroom, slightly tired, and took a good bath. He used his hands to soothe the emptied and tortured little brother, but this time, no matter how he comforted it, it wasn’t happy. Emmett sighed slightly.

Elaine, this girl… has caught more and more of his appetite, the idea of wanting to occupy her was getting stronger… Of course, the after-effect of this failure was that… His body was becoming more and more unsatisfied…

out of the shower dripping wet, and casually wiped himself with a towel, and walked out of the bathroom. As soon as he went out,

room? Did you not learn how to knock? Are you an idiot? Scram! Get out immediately!” Emmett yelled at Amelia, who was in the middle of his

Carter family. Yet, she looked like a prostitute with no clients in front

bit her lips hard, trying to keep her tears from falling. She said in a trembling voice, “Mr. Smith, I just want to know, why are you dissatisfied with me?

no matter how useless, incapable, or ugly, the woman I like is. Anyway, if it’s the women I dislike, no matter how smart and virtuous, or how beautiful and lively, how capable and wealthy, in

was too obvious. Master Smith has stated clearly that he didn’t like her, no matter how good she was. The tears in Amelia’s eyes finally fell, she wanted to control her emotions,

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didn’t bother looking straight, and Amelia kept holding her breath and stared at

ask about my personal life? Just

shivered hard. “I,

you want to take the initiative to have sex

incomplete by Emmett’s cold words. But she couldn’t

Mr. Smith…

eyes and snorted coldly,

teeth, and said shamelessly, “I want to… make

let out a sigh of relief and watched Emmett closely. Emmett was stunned

suitable? Let me correct

pieces, “Then, why did you want me? That time, why did you have sex with

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