Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter99: He Is Too Cold!

This time, although Amelia took the initiative to kiss Emmett, and did the complete and cumbersome foreplay. Still, she was too obsessed with this man, so the first person to climax between them turned out to be Amelia.

Amelia exhausted all her oral skills and kissed him hard. While kissing, Amelia made unstoppable gasping noise. This man… had the aura of an emperor, he looked so charming, and his body was so strong. Although she had just suffered from his harsh sarcasm, at this moment, she was actually excited when she touched his significant part, and occasionally raised her eyes to see his handsome features,

“Kiss again…” Emmett’s hand pressed Amelia’s head, not allowing her to get up. Emmett frowned slightly and lowered his head slightly to see the woman under him. Though he was watching such a seductive action, he still didn’t have the slightest feeling. Ahhh… He was going crazy, being uncomfortable!

Why was there no feeling? He was obviously about to die from heat before. He felt like a volcano was about to erupt, why now… A young, beautiful, and sexy woman was trying so hard to please him. Yet after a long time, he didn’t feel like he was about to get in the condition? If this continued, he reckoned that even if Amelia kissed him until he was old, he wouldn’t have any feelings.

Emmett was a little irritable. He directed Amelia to change several positions. Amelia was already eager with desire, however, Emmett, the person involved was still as calm as ice. Emmett suddenly thought of the problem, and said fiercely, “Turn around, face down.”

Amelia panted and did it anxiously. In this position… He couldn’t see her face. Emmett began to fantasize. Imagining that the woman lying under him at this moment was that girl, Elaine.

When he thought of that, Emmett’s breathing became thicker and anxious. He, who was tortured with lust for several days, opened his eyes little by little, they were like sparks and radiated strong desires. Even when he thought about Elaine randomly… When he thought of her baby face and thought about how her usual simple expressions and when she was happy, frustrated, depressed…

“It will be painful, are you prepared? I will be gentle as much as I can, lassie Jones.” Emmett bewitched himself and took Amelia as Elaine. He spoke gently, and this gentle tone of his shocked Amelia.

Amelia wanted to look back to see what had happened to Emmett, but his big hands suddenly pressed her head and did not allow her to turn around. Then at the same time, he lifted her leg and put on a condom and rushed directly into her body.

“Ah…” Amelia screamed.

I’ll be gentler… Little thing, I’m coming…” Emmett spoke softly, squinting his eyes slightly. He was able to

a doting or affectionate or a rough shout out for “lassie Jones”. Countless “lassie Jones,” and he kept calling this name. Amelia never had the chance to turn her

was done, he went straight to the bathroom, cleaned up, and returned to the bedroom. He saw Amelia sitting shyly at the head

the future, it’s disgusting to hear.” Then he

went away in despair. This was how he treated her? Earlier on, he was still venting in her body, galloping, but in a blink of an eye, he could be so indifferent

can’t you, Emmett, be warm a little bit?” Amelia actually walked back to her

thing: Was that girl whom Emmett kept

Meanwhile, Emmett laid on his bed, full of worries. “Why does the old man value this Amelia so much? What is the old man’s plan? It can’t be true that he wants this Carter woman to marry

father on the way to the bar. At that time, he was frustrated and annoyed because he couldn’t reach Elaine. And his father called him at that time, thanks to his good habits, even though he was anxious and furious, he looked at the caller ID first. Not Elaine! It was actually

held back his smile and said solemnly, “father, are you looking for

you getting along with that

a smart guy, was confused by his

who are you talking

the Carter’s family, Amelia Carter. I’ve asked her to assist you by your side. I saw that the girl is

her! If it wasn’t a woman that father,

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