Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 457: Come and Save Me

"I don't want to wash. My hands are clean."

"Honey, wash your hands."

"No." Elaine had already put two pieces of meat into her mouth with her chopsticks. Emmett sighed, put his arms around Elaine's waist and lifted her up. Elaine whined about it.

As Emmett washed Elaine's hands, he moved closer and kissed her, causing her to blush. Elaine turned her face and pouted, "What are you doing? Are you addicted to kissing?"

"You are right, I'm addicted to kissing you. Did you cast a spell on me? Why am I so obsessed with you? Just then when you sat on my laps, I almost couldn't control myself..."

Elaine's heart pounded heavily. "You are talking nonsense, you weirdo. Didn't we just do it? And you want to do it again?"


"Are you secretly delighted?" Emmett put his chin in Elaine's neck, bit Elaine's earlobe and laughed softly. His breath was warm.

"Delighted?" Elaine did not understand, "Why?"

"Because I'm strong, and I can take you to heaven. Don't you agree? Don't you feel delighted?"

Only then did Elaine realize what the man was implying.

"No! You see, you are strong, but I'm delicate. How exhausting it was for me to do it with you! I just hope I won't die for it."

Elaine said playfully, which almost turned Emmett on. As his warm breath brushed Elaine's face, Emmett carried her over to the table.

They began to eat.

Elaine was always herself in front of Emmett. She gulped and gobbled like a greedy little animal.

"Take your time. I don't want your food. These are more than enough for us. Don't choke yourself."

Emmett said gently.

But it was too late. Elaine had choked, and she was coughing heavily.

Emmett instantly put down his chopsticks and patted Elaine's back as gently as he could.

"Water, water..." Elaine stretched out her hand.

"I told you to slow down. You eat like an animal." Emmett hurriedly handed her the water, as if he was serving a princess.

As Emmett patted Elaine's back, she drank a few mouthfuls and coughed a little.

Elaine coughed so hard that her tears fell down and her nose was running. She leaned against Emmett's back, running out of strength.

Emmett placed Elaine on the sofa, brought a warm towel to wipe Elaine's face.

All of a sudden, both of them burst into laughter.

I'm like an old lady in the seventies, depending on you to take care

also laughed. "You know, you are more like a baby. I feel like I'm looking after a baby in


who wears diapers!"

and laughing and

company's lounge when someone handed his phone to him, saying, "Kayden, something happened on the East Street. They wanted you to answer the

"Give me the phone."

answered arrogantly, "What's

guys on East Street are smashing up our

East Street to take care of this. They dare to offend us, then they should pay

"Now call everyone on East Street to surround Derrick's store. Bring the

"Yes, Sir!"

sofa, brushed his clothes and commanded, "If young master needs me, tell him that I will be on East Street. You stay here to ensure his

"I see."

for him and another helped him put on the coat. He was

they arrived at East Street, the gang was waiting for

"Where are they?"

"Over there!"

"Go take a look."

ferocity as he came near.

gang of ZH Clan had

ground was splattered with blood and there

over a cigarette. As Kayden smoked, he narrowed his eyes and enjoyed


was greatly lifted. Those guys had no chance to

answer it, but it was too annoying.

"Who is it?"

"It's me!"

felt a bit at loss. Of course, there were women around him. There were always women for a strong man to let go of his excess energy. It was just

this?' Kayden thought to

"Who are you?"

god. Do people have bad memory when

was shocked as he

"Say it again?"

he said the words, Ellie's image

Kayden was this

other end of the line sounded delighted. But it stressed Kayden


me, Elaine's sister. We've met, remember? In

remember. I remember. Now just tell

who had been delighted, suddenly sounded frustrated, "I was bullied. Please,

Kayden was speechless.

rubbed his temples and gritted his teeth, "Where are you? Who dares to

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