Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 458: You Win, Hazel

She was going to tell Bradley that she was in a bad mood, because of the affair of Lucas and that actress on the newspaper.

It broke her heart...

"Will he kiss her here and her whole body?

Hazel thought despite herself.


Now in the classroom, words cascaded in torrents from the teacher. Some of the students were sleeping, some were reading novels, and only a few were actually listening.

Hazel thought a lot.

She and Lucas were always having the craziest sex. She was like trickling water under him, groaning and crying out of pleasure. Getting excited by Hazel, Lucas would pound her like crazy. Both reached climax every time. Oh, that feeling, they would die for it. They combined completely as one when they had sex.

When did their relationship flatline?

She couldn't even remember!

It exactly showed how trivial the reason for their breakup, so trivial that she didn't remember now.

But what was done was done. They went their separate ways.

"Forget it. He's not my type anymore. I don't miss him." Hazel shook her head and thought out loud.

Only after she finished speaking did she realize that something was wrong. She raised her head and found that almost everyone in the classroom was looking at her.

"Miss, you can do your own business in the classroom as long as you keep quiet. I'm sorry that man isn't your type, but you don't have to tell everyone in the classroom. What do you think?" The teacher glared at her and said. Other students were desperately fighting the urge to giggle.

Hazel hated the teacher. Of course, she was wrong to speak her mind when the teacher was still teaching. She then smiled warmly and said to him, "The man I was thinking about just now is you."

She enjoyed a prank sometimes.

The whole class was shocked.

So was the teacher. He cleared his throat, saying shyly, "Well, let's go out after class."

What? Hazel was totally dumbfounded.

Hazel met the true master.

She gave up.

After class, Hazel was so annoyed that she tugged at her hair and went downstairs.

she saw a familiar car parked under the

this Porsche, Lucas also


remembered Lucas said he

it be Lucas in it? She panicked when the thought

come to her school,

ached more. But her curiosity drove her to the car. She looked into the car through the window with eyes wide

getting upset by the film on the windows. She couldn't see anything

from left to right, trying to see something, but she failed. Just as she was about to


stood there, eye to eye with Lucas. Their faces were

Lucas stared at her.

to Hazel if she came down. He had hundred times of rehearsals

thought it

she was about to walk away, her neck


Just as she was about to swear, she heard Lucas

not a goddamn coincident. Not at all! I had been waiting here

Hazel couldn't believe he would say

I gave up. I can't live

Lucas went nearer and

while and began


hooked her neck even tighter, and kissed her lips violently. He bit her lips

out that men were always stronger than

in the car. From the outside, it was as if she stuck her head into a car, like a bear eating honey.

looked just so

swear at him, but her lips

What a jerk!

broke free from Lucas' lips. Before catching her breath, she shouted, "Shit! You want to break my waist? Find another place if you want to do it.

edge of the car window, which felt terrible. But Lucas

have thrown a punch into Lucas' face if she

"Alright then. Let's find a place where we can do whatever we want.


door. Hazel was still stuck in the window. Then Lucas carried

... put

Hazel was still in a daze, while the


her teeth and

swear. Is there

Lucas giggled.

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