The night was dark, the wind was cold, and the atmosphere of depression permeated the surroundings.

Luther knew he had been caught in a trap and was too careless. It seems that he was too comfortable for too long and ignored the danger.

The three men in pursuit behind them all had guns.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" Several shots rang out, and after a struggle, Luther was still good, but after all, he was one against three. His leg was now grazed and wounded, and he gradually ran out of strength.

After struggling to get rid of his pursuers, he had no choice but to leap into the Han River, which was his last chance of survival.

Joyce was on her way. She had got something to do tonight, and Dean Rachel Armstrong wanted her to go back to the orphanage.

A few sudden loud noises made her instantly put up her guard.

Just from her experience, she knew immediately that it was the sound of gunfire. And it must be an AK47, held only by some international terrorists.

It was not like they were at war, and it was just too unusual to hear gunfire.

She followed the sound and saw several people fighting from afar, one of whom seemed to be injured and forced to jump into the Han River.

Just when the other three were in pursuit and ready to continue shooting into the water, Joyce backhanded a few darts that sliced precisely across the necks of the three assailants with a series of "whooshes".

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