Felix froze for a few seconds, "Luther, what did you say?"

"I said, she's my wife." Luther seemed to have immersed in the cloud of the lingering smoke, dusted off the cigarette ash. For a reason no one could really understand, such a casual action as it might be, had exuded a fatal attraction. He was just so handsome.

After only two puffs, Luther put out his cigarette, as if he was afraid Joyce might feel uncomfortable.

"Shit, I can't believe you got married!" Mathew almost exploded, "And you didn't tell us? We never heard of your wedding even!"

"It was just temporary, so you guys don't have to care."

Joyce popped up with a smile.

Luther's cold eyes swept over.

At once, the air turned ice cold.

Felix seemed to understand what happened, so he immediately rounded up, "Come on then, since you are Mrs. Warner now, let's have a few drinks."

"I can't drink." Joyce waved her hand.

"Ma’am, here are the rules. We play a game of darts, and if you don't hit the heart you are punished with one cup, and if you miss the target you are punished with three cups. If you hit the heart we each take one drink. If you hit the double, we'll each take three cups. That's three rounds of the game." Felix finished and squeezed his eyes at Mathew.

Mathew immediately understood, so he brought over a bottle of expensive strong wine on the table, took out three glasses and filled them all.

The fragrance of the mellow liquor floated all over the room.

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