Riveria Haze, which was Khebury's most luxurious banquet center.

A palace was made with marble and glass, with colorful window panes, arched ceiling that was embedded with gold and a luxury chandelier lamp hanging down from the ceiling. People who can access here were the business elite and politicians.

Joyce had never been to an event like this before.

The media gathered here and countless flashing lights shone.

She took a deep breath, no wonder Luther wanted her to change clothes. The banquet that she imagined was relatively different from the reality.

When Luther passed by, the media coincidentally put down their cameras.

It was known in the industry that only if Luther gave his nod of consent can his picture be taken. If anyone took his photo stealthily, the photographers will disappear in Khebury next day, not to mention if their jobs were saved.

Luther, who had never brought a woman to an event, was with a woman of unparalleled beauty today. And even if the media was curious, no one dared to take a picture of Joyce.

Joyce followed Luther into the hall.

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