At that moment, some more curious people gathered around. The more they gathered, the more people wanted to know their relationship.

Joyce said it slowly and clearly, word by word.

"I'm, Luther, Grandma's ......" she deliberately paused again, making a cliffhanger, "nurse!"

When Luther saw Joyce surrounded by people, he approached her with a frown and tried to take her away.

He didn't expect to hear Joyce's shocking words when he first came over.

Grandma's nurse!

"puff" He was holding back to not to laugh but failed. The champagne in his hand shook, spilling some on the back of his hand.

Grandma's nanny. That was what Joyce thought.

Martha could never have dreamed of such a response.

It was clear that Joyce has lowered herself to a low profile, but she felt like a defeated peacock.

Did the nanny wear clothes that money can't buy?

way. Obviously, she wanted to sarcastically insult the woman in

profile that was greater than

has never show the outburst before. Because

to her and said in a delicate voice, "Luther, let me help you." She took out a handkerchief and got

pungent smell of perfume was something Luther would

however, pushed Luther at

glass of champagne in Luther's hand was poured on Martha's

valley slowly flowing down the

backward and her

suggested it with

was Joyce who did this to her, but after all, it was Luther who poured the wine on her. she couldn't even complain

and rushed to the dressing room. Damn it.

at last, the banquet was quite a

Luther and raised her

thank her for helping

his hands, giving

she use him to kill two birds

would be besieged by celebrities, but

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