A few days later.

The University of Conard.

A dazzling yellow Lamborghini was parked right in front of the campus gate, and its doors rose automatically like two angel wings, attracting many girls’ attention.

Naturally, Charlotte also heard it too. She saw Luther stepping out of the car from afar and leaning against it, his long legs folded. He was wearing a solid black suit, and his cool, handsome and wild presence stood out from the crowd.

Charlotte's heart was thrilled. She had spent every day in anticipation and excitement since she parted from him that night. Was he now coming for her?

As she was thinking, she saw Luther suddenly striding forward in her direction.

As Luther got closer and closer, she was so excited that her heart was beating inside.

Gosh, it was exciting just to think about how all the girls in the school must envy her so much.

But how could she have ever expected what she saw next! Luther suddenly stopped, reached out, and dragged over a girl who had been reading a book all the way.

Joyce was preparing herself for her exam today and was suddenly pulled to a halt. She looked up discontentedly, "What are you doing?"

The moment she looked up, she saw that it was Luther, and she froze on the spot, full of confusion, "What are you doing in my school?"

"You haven't been home for two days."

wouldn't go back sometimes.

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